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Information about project 'Students of Prague universities, 1882–1945'

The aim of the project is to make digitally accessible materials related to students of Prague universities in 1882–1945. Of all collections of the Archive of the Charles University, this part is most in demand. The materials contain information about app. 150,000 students, in many cases notable persons, who studied at Prague universities.
It is planned that over time, registries of doctors, Rigorosum protocols, protocols about state examinations, reports of examination committees for Gymnasiums and catalogues of students of the Czech and the German university in Prague in 1882–1945 shall be digitalised. The choice of period is given mainly by numbers of research requests, whereby the start of the period coincides with the split of the once unified university into a Czech and a German part and the end of the period is set with regard to protection of personal date (post-war students are in many cases still alive). In the future, it will be possible to make accessible even newer materials.
At the moment, registry books of doctors of the Charles University (Czech Charles–Ferdinand University), the German University, books of examination protocols of State Examination Commisions at FL CU, books of examination protocols of State Examination Commisions at FL GU in Prague and books of pharmaceutical examination protocols at the Charles University (Czech Charles–Ferdinand University) are accessible.
These archive sources are among the most frequently used in the Archive of the Charles University, which unfortunately left its marks on their physical state (damaged covers, torn pages, etc.). Their digitalisation, on-line accessibility and removal from regular research access is the first step to their protection.
Archive sources were digitalised using a colour book scanner Zeutschel OS 12000 HQ. Scans were made in theTIFF format in resolution 400 DPI. Resulting files are safely stored together with descriptive and technical metadata. For the purpose of digital access, visual images were compressed and received a watermark.
This project is the work of the Institute of History of the Charles University and the Archive of the Charles University in collaboration with the Charles University Computer Centre (web page creation and database preparation).