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Vyučující, akademický rok 2023/2024
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Mgr. Bc. Barbora Šipošová, Ph.D.
Další informace: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barborasiposova
Fakulta: Fakulta humanitních studií
Katedra: Katedra psychologie a věd o životě (24-KPVZ)
Telefon: 224271441
E-mail: barbora.siposova@fhs.cuni.cz
Konzultační hodiny: Prosím zašlite mi email v prípade záujmu o konzultáciu. I am always looking for collaboration with enthusiastic students. You can write your thesis, do an internship with me, or we can apply for a grant. If you think you’re a good fit, please send me your CV and a motivation letter focused on our mutual interest(CZ/SK/EN is fine). There has to be some overlap in interest. First, please first familiarize yourself with my research interests (look at my publications). One area – empathy-based artificial intelligence agents for supporting wellbeing – is very new – so I have not published on that one yet, but I am very keen to work on that topic! Do you wonder how can we support mental wellbeing globally? Are you interested to know more about how we share attention, knowledge and experiences with others? Are you interested to know more about how to manage relationships and commitments between humans and digital personas? Get in touch. Experiences with behavioral interventions, or advanced statistical modelling, or mHealth or big data is welcome but not necessary. I don’t expect students to approach me with a worked-out research project. This would actually be a bad thing. If we decide to work together, a project will be constructed within a topic matching our mutual interests.
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