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Evolution of Sino-American Relations - JTM249
Anglický název: Evolution of Sino-American Relations
Český název: Vývoj čínsko-amerických vztahů
Zajišťuje: Katedra severoamerických studií (23-KAS)
Fakulta: Fakulta sociálních věd
Platnost: od 2021
Semestr: zimní
E-Kredity: 6
Způsob provedení zkoušky: zimní s.:
Rozsah, examinace: zimní s.:1/1, Zk [HT]
Počet míst: 30 / neurčen (30)
Minimální obsazenost: neomezen
Virtuální mobilita / počet míst: ne
Stav předmětu: vyučován
Jazyk výuky: angličtina
Způsob výuky: prezenční
Další informace: https://dl2.cuni.cz/course/view.php?id=4702
Poznámka: předmět je možno zapsat mimo plán
povolen pro zápis po webu
při zápisu přednost, je-li ve stud. plánu
Garant: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D.
Vyučující: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D.
Třída: Courses for incoming students
Neslučitelnost : JMMZ316, JMM206
Anotace - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D. (12.09.2021)
The purpose of the course is to provide the students with a historical overview of the long and complicated Sino-American relations, with a special focus on the U.S. approach to the problem of divided China. The course will deal with diplomacy and war, mutual perceptions, hot issues in the mutual relations arising from the existence of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China in Taiwan. We will also focus on the recent developments in the relations, development of PLA, trade issues, Taiwan’s democratization and drive to independence, etc. Also, we will address the post-9/11 Sino-American relations and the debate about the rise of China and its implications for the U.S.
This course primarily focuses on the history of evolution of the relation between the U.S. and China (the term "China" being the umbrella word for the ROC, the PRC, Taiwan). The current issues in Sino-American relations will be explored in the summer semester in a course called "Critical Issues in U.S.-Chinese Relations".
The course is taught in English and ends with an exam.

Cíl předmětu - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D. (12.09.2021)

Upon successful completion of this course the student will understand the evolution of the Sino-American relations, will identify the major conflicts and tensions related particularly to the Taiwan issue. Students will also become familiar with the guiding principles and documents in Sino-American relations. The understanding of the historical background is essential to being able to understand some of the current tensions in the Sino-American relations. By studying the behaviour of China, Taiwan and the U.S. in numerous case studies, the students also will be able to understand some of the basic patterns in China’s, Taiwan’s and U.S. behaviour.



Literatura - angličtina
Poslední úprava: PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D. (12.06.2019)

-         selection of articles covering individual issues in the relationship between the U.S. and China, which will be made available online.

-         in the class, we will use handouts and powerpoints, powerpoint presentations and references to material available on the internet will be distributed during the course or it will be made available at the course’s webpage.

Metody výuky - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D. (06.09.2022)

This course represents a survey of Sino-American relations and will rely primarily on lectures to introduce the basic events, concepts, and policies. However, each class will include space for discussions related to the assigned reading.


All course material is available in Moodle: https://dl2.cuni.cz/course/view.php?id=4702

NOTE: For those who cannot join on September 29 in person, here is a link to ZOOM: https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/3819174664

Požadavky ke zkoušce - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D. (29.08.2022)


●     20% Regular attendance  and ctive participation in the class: students are expected to follow major events related to the area of the Taiwan Strait, as current hot topics may be raised in the class.

●     30% Position paper on a selected article - topic/selection must be consulted in advance. 

●      50% final written exam: there will be three dates provided for the exam during the exam period. If you fail, you may sit again for the exam in the subsequent date.



Please notet that the final written exam will be administer via Moodle. Instructions will be sent via email and will be available in the individual terms for the exam. Signup for exam will take place traditionally via SIS where dates for the exam will be available. 


GRADING SCALE, based on Dean's Measure no. 20/2019: 


  • 91 % and more      =>       A
  • 81-90 %             =>          B
  • 71-80 %             =>          C
  • 61-70 %             =>          D
  • 51-60 %             =>          E
  • 0-50 %                =>         F


Sylabus - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Jana Sehnálková, Ph.D. (22.09.2019)


Class 1:

Orientation and Introduction, First Contacts in Sino-American Relations

- origins of Sino-American relations, the concept of ‘100 years of China’s humiliation’,

basic Chinese geography


Class 2:

Early Contacts during Turmoil in China

- Chinese immigration to the U.S. and its impact on Sino-American relations, rise of nationalism in China, reform movement, fall of the Qing dynasty, formation of modern China - the Founding of the Republic of China (Sun Yat-sen, the KMT, the CCP, Civil War)


Class 3:

U.S.-China Alliance During WWII and Truman’s Loss of China

- U.S. engagement in Civil War, U.S.: "loss of China", establishment of the PRC, U.S. approach to the PRC and to the ROC government, which moved to Taiwan.


Class 4: 

Eisenhower and Cross-Strait Tension

- Korean War and Taiwan 1950 - de-neutralization of Taiwan, Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty 1954, Taiwan Straits question, U.S. - PRC Warsaw Talks, 1958


Class 5: 

Kennedy, Johnson Administration’s Approach to China

-  Kennedy and China’s nuclear program

- Johnson’s China policy in the context of the Vietnam War.


Class 6: 

Sino-American Normalization (Nixon)

- China’s ping-pong diplomacy, Mao Zedong-Zhou Enlai’s new attitudes towards the U.S., Nixon’s new China policy, - Shanghai Communiqué, 1972


Class 7:

Political development in Taiwan in the 1950s and 1960s


Class 8:

Establishment of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and the PRC

- Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations, 1978 - 1979, Taiwan Relations Act, 1979.


Class 9: 

From Establishment of Diplomatic Relations to Tienanmen

- Reagan and China, Taiwan: Arms sales to Taiwan crisis; August 17 Communiqué, Reagan’s Six Assurances to Taiwan, military cooperation, trade

- Tienanmen Crisis, 1989-1990


Class 10: 

Bush 41 and Clinton Administrations and China

- Unstable U.S. - PRC Relations, 1992 - 1994: MFN crisis

- Taiwan Strait Crisis 1995-1996

-  Jiang Ze-min’s visit to the U.S., 1997, Clinton’s visit to Beijing and Three Nos Policy

- Taiwan’s Presidential Elections, 2000 - Chen Shui-bian


Class 11: 

Developments in Taiwan in 1990s-2000s and relations with Mainland

-  Chen Shui-bian, Democratization and pro-independence tendencies in Taiwan, Taiwanisation and desinification, three mini-links and three links, anti-secession law, Taiwan’s presidential elections of 2008 and UN referendum, rise of Ma Ying-jeou.


Class 12:

Bush 43 and Obama Administrations’ approach towards China

- Bush’s Campaign and the issue of Taiwan and PRC, EP-3 incident (2001), arms sales to Taiwan, impact of 9/11 on Sino-American relations. Sino-American relations in the economic crisis, Obama’s approach towards China, arms sales to Taiwan, mil-to-mil, U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the issue of RMB.



Vstupní požadavky - angličtina
Poslední úprava: PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D. (12.06.2019)

English language, basic understanding of US political system and foreign-policy making

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