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Urban Anthropology - JSM027
Anglický název: Urban Anthropology
Český název: Urbánní antropologie
Zajišťuje: Katedra sociologie (23-KS)
Fakulta: Fakulta sociálních věd
Platnost: od 2022
Semestr: zimní
E-Kredity: 6
Způsob provedení zkoušky: zimní s.:kombinovaná
Rozsah, examinace: zimní s.:2/0, Zk [HT]
Počet míst: 25 / neurčen (25)
Minimální obsazenost: neomezen
4EU+: ne
Virtuální mobilita / počet míst pro virtuální mobilitu: ne
Stav předmětu: vyučován
Jazyk výuky: angličtina, čeština, angličtina
Způsob výuky: prezenční
Způsob výuky: prezenční
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Garant: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Uherek, CSc.
Vyučující: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Uherek, CSc.
Třída: Courses for incoming students
Anotace -
The course aims to acquaint students with: how the city is defined and what is called urbanization. How does the image of the urban man and the city change?
Poslední úprava: Uherek Zdeněk, doc. PhDr., CSc. (14.09.2021)
Podmínky zakončení předmětu -

Conditions for completing the course:
1. participation in lessons
2nd activity in discussions on this topic
3. passing: the oral exam or a presentation during the teaching hours


100 - 91: A (excellent, excellent performance with small errors)
81-90: B (very good, above-average performance, but with some bugs)
71 - 80: C (good, overall good performance with some significant errors)
61-70: D (satisfactory, acceptable performance, but with significant shortcomings)
51-60: E (sufficient, performance meets minimum requirements)
50 - 0: F (did not meet the requirements for the course)

Poslední úprava: Uherek Zdeněk, doc. PhDr., CSc. (04.12.2023)
Literatura -


Hannerz Ulf, Exploring the City. Columbia University Press 1980.

Park Robert Ezra, The City. Suggestions for the Investigation of Human Behavior in the Urban Environment. New York 1916.

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Poslední úprava: Uherek Zdeněk, doc. PhDr., CSc. (14.09.2021)
Sylabus -

Pectures in scheduled lecture room in Pekařská.

1. How to learn the city; Definition of the city and urban settlement       

2. Chicago School and Theory of Social Ecology. 

3. Manchester School and Research in African Urban Environment - British Colonial City, Concepts of Detribalization, Disqualification, Modernity, Social Network Research, Situational Analysis.

4. Globalization and global culture and the use of social networking theory to describe global culture. 

5. Erving Goffman and his concept of total institution. 

6. Mary Douglas, How the Institution Thinks.

7. German approaches to the city, urban culture and nationalism, the concept of community and society, urban society as a tribal community metaphor, Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, Baussinger's "third way", anthropology and mass media, German contemporaries.

8. Urban research in Central and Eastern Europe: cultural and historical probes into the urban environment, urban sociology of the interwar period, urban and working class research, Sallner ethnology of the city.

9.  Kevin Lynch and his The Image of the City. 

10.  Amsterdam urban anthropology, concept of city danger and exploration of mental maps ..

11. As explored postmodern city - morphology and consciousness, redefinition center of peripheral relations, research of edge cities, suburban fringe zones, exurban areas and recombinat cities.

12. The global city.

Poslední úprava: Uherek Zdeněk, doc. PhDr., CSc. (19.09.2022)
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