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Předmět, akademický rok 2016/2017
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Czech as a Foreign Language II - JLB101
Anglický název: Czech as a Foreign Language II
Zajišťuje: Centrum jazykové přípravy (23-KJP)
Fakulta: Fakulta sociálních věd
Platnost: od 2016 do 2016
Semestr: oba
Body: 6
E-Kredity: 6
Způsob provedení zkoušky: kombinovaná
Rozsah, examinace: 0/6 Zk [hodiny/týden]
Počet míst: zimní:neurčen / 30 (30)
letní:neurčen / neurčen (30)
Minimální obsazenost: 8
Stav předmětu: vyučován
Jazyk výuky: čeština
Způsob výuky: prezenční
Poznámka: předmět je možno zapsat mimo plán
povolen pro zápis po webu
při zápisu přednost, je-li ve stud. plánu
předmět lze zapsat v ZS i LS
Garant: Mgr. Edita Frantesová
Mgr. Kristina Arsenjuková
Mgr. Barbora Mazúrková
Vyučující: Mgr. Kristina Arsenjuková
Mgr. Edita Frantesová
Mgr. Barbora Mazúrková
Anotace - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Czech for advanced beginners covers the second half of level A1 (A1/2). Lessons are practically oriented, helping students of Czech understand and react in basic communicative situations as: Flats and Houses, Human body, At the doctor, CV, Looking for a work, Travelling, Visiting friends, Shops and services, Can You help me?, Making a phone call,etc.
Czech grammar is widened on this level.From the beginners course students know present tense, past tense, accusative case, locative case, instrumental case and genitive case with their typical prepositions and use. During this course we present future, "where" and "where to" difference, short and long verbs of motion, dativ case, plural.
Considering organization:24 classes are held twice a week, one lesson lasts two real hours (3X40min) and it's necessary to take both lessons per week. The course takes place for 12 weeks during regular faculty term. The price for course is 4800 CZK (equivalent to ca. 180 Euro)
FSV students enrolled in bachelor's and master's programmes offered in foreign languages who cover their own tuition are exempt from the fee.
In case You miss first two classes without any apology, active students from the waiting list get automatically Your place.

See the schedule on http://kjp.fsv.cuni.cz/KJPFSV-35.html
Cíl předmětu - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Students of our course should communicate easily in everyday situations: in the class and as well in the street. 

Literatura - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Holá, Bořilová: Čeština Expres II.(A1/2), Akropolis 2011


Holá: Czech step by step, Akropolis 2016


Andrášová, Holubová: Desetiminutovky Čeština pro cizince, Klett 2008.

Sýkorová, Davidová: Cvičebnice češtiny, Polyglot 2009.

Metody výuky - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Our main aim is communication, students work in groups or couples, listen to audio recordings, watch the videos, play games to be able to react in authentic situations. Teachers are supportive and create kind atmosphere during each session.

Požadavky ke zkoušce - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Final score is consisted of attendance (20%), performance in class (20%), midterm test (20 %), and final exam (40%).

Attendance no less than 80% will be qualified for the final exam.

Final test (60min): grammar and vocabulary from the second half of a semester.

Oral exam topics: House and flat, At the doctor, Services etc.

The assessment scale:

0-50 % = F 
51-60 % = E 
61-70 % = D 
71-80 %=C 
81-90 %=B
91% and more=A 

Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)


1. week - Travelling and Weather / genitive case, locative case,  past tense

2. week - Travelling and Weather / future tense, verbs of motion in the future

3. week - Food, Cooking and Restaurant / locative case, expressing of emotions and opinions, 

4. week -  Food, Cooking and Restaurant / partitive genitive, expressing of the wish and request in present tense and conditional mood

5. week - Character, Appeareance and clothes / comparatives and superlatives of adjectives 

6. week - Character, Appeareance and clothes / adverbs, giving compliments

                   Midterm test  

7. week -  House, Flat and Furniture / plural forms of nouns

8. week -  House and Flat and Furniture / locative case + prepositions,  genitive case + preposition

9. week -  Shopping, Services, Complaint in a shop dialog / exprressing of opinions and requests in present tense and conditional mood, modal verbs 

10. week - Human body / irregular plural forms             

11. week - At the doctor  / imperative, modal verbs, expressing of emotions, adverrbs

12. week - Training for the final exam.


Vstupní požadavky - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Edita Frantesová (02.02.2018)

Students should be familiar with the present tense and past tense, accusative case (sg. forms) and be able to communicate in basic communication situations (in the restaurant, in the store, on the street, at the railway station etc.) During the first lesson is written the level test.

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