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Fakulta: Fakulta humanitních studií   
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Osoba: Mgr. Hana Stehlíková   
Katedra: Zahraniční oddělení (24-RZS)   
Platnost od: 31.08.2017   
Platnost do: 30.09.2017   
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INTERDEM Academy Fellowships 2017 


The INTERDEM Academy will enable fellowships for PhD students and post-­‐doc researchers allowing them to spend 3-­‐6 months in another PRIDE/ INTERDEM research center. These fellowships must be used for the exchange of knowledge and experience between INTERDEM/ PRIDE centers, and allow talented young researchers to build their own research network.


Talented young researchers from PRIDE and INTERDEM sites who work on a PhD thesis, or who have a PhD degree for maximally three years, can apply. Postdoctoral researchers that apply must have been awarded their PhD within 3 years preceding the deadline of the submission of their Fellowship application. This eligibility period may be extended in the event of documented career breaks: e.g., maternity / paternity leave, long-­‐term illness, national service, etc.

Fellows must be involved in research that is in line with the mission of INTERDEM. It is important that the fellowship has added value for both institute that is visited, and for the institute of the visiting fellow. You can only apply if you have never received an INTERDEM Academy fellowship before.

What is covered?

The INTERDEM Academy fellowship covers expenses for travel and housing for a period of 3-­‐6 months  at  a  maximum  of   €3500   per   fellowship.   If   the   candidate’s   anticipated   expenses for travel and stay exceed €3500, they would have to look for additional funding  (and communicate this in the application).

It is not necessary that the applicant stays at one place for the whole period. The grant can also be used to visit one or more research institutes. The financial support can be spent on travel, and housing. The salary of the fellow is not covered by this fellowship, and must be provided by the fellow’s institute. In total, two INTERDEM Academy Fellowships are granted per year, for a period of four years.

How to apply?

Applications for 2017 are now open. There are two annual calls to submit applications for travel fellowships; deadlines are set on 31st of March (23:59PM CET) and 30th of September 2017 (23:59PM CET). Please provide us with:

•      Application letter, including the candidate’s motivation

•      CV and background of the candidate including relevant work experience, date of start and end of PhD (if applicable), publications etc.

•      Period/ exact dates of exchange

•      Address of home institution and visiting institution(s)

•      Contact details of supervisors at own institution and visiting institution

•      A research activity plan, including research objectives, outcomes (e.g., pilot study, publications, etc.), seminars, workshops and conferences that will be attended, and a rationale on the added value of your research exchange (i.e., how will the experience benefit yourself and both institutions), summarized in a Gantt chart

•      A travel budget, outlining (anticipated) expenses for travel and stay in Euros / €

•      Declaration of departmental and outside funding you have received for your travel

•      Two letters of recommendation; one should be written by the supervisor at the institute of the candidate, and one should be coming from the supervisor from the institute to be visited

Please include this information into the application form and submit all files combined into one single PDF. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered. For more information on the INTERDEM Academy fellowships and to send in your application, please contact: inge.klinkenberg@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

When to Apply

It is important that applications for travel grants are submitted in a timely manner. For instance, if your research exchange is planned for the upcoming fall, please make sure to send in all required documentation for the call in March. If you plan travel during spring, we recommend you submit your travel application before the fall deadline in September.


The coordinators of INTERDEM Academy will collect all travel applications and will perform an initial screening using the following admission criteria:

•      Appropriate documentation (all forms submitted, in a timely manner)

•      Duration of stay (between 3-­‐6 months)

•      Occupation of applicant (applicants should be studying to obtain their PhD or should have been awarded such a degree within the last 3 years).

•      Applicant affiliations (employed at PRIDE or INTERDEM center)

•      Visiting institute (PRIDE or INTERDEM center)

•      Research topic (should be in line with the mission of INTERDEM)

•      Feasibility of financial plan (anticipated expenses for travel and stay should be financially acceptable)


In principle, applicants are informed of the outcome of the initial screening within three weeks. Admissible proposals are subsequently forwarded to the INTERDEM board, which will review the application according to the following criteria:


•      Quality of the applicant

•      Quality and feasibility of the research activity plan in relation to the period requested

•      Visiting institute (priority will be given to institutes within the European PRIDE / INTERDEM network)

•      Scientific importance, added value and knowledge utilization of the research exchange for the applicant, the home and visiting institute


While the INTERDEM Academy committee and the INTERDEM board work to approve applications quickly, extenuating factors like vacation periods may affect the review and approval process. Please be patient while we process your application and allow a timeframe of 3 months for approval. Applicants are sent a formal letter informing them of the board's decision and the reasons underlying this.


If the fellowship is granted, support may be for air travel (one roundtrip economy class), public transportation to and from the airport for departure and return visit. Please contact inge.klinkenberg@maastrichtuniversity.nl prior to arranging travel and housing to determine acceptable amounts and to provide you with any assistance necessary. Fellowships are for housing/apartment monthly rental fees only and do not cover any taxes, living expenses, meals, books, local travel, or telephone charges, nor course or conference fees. Reimbursement of expenses will be provided after submission of original receipts. If the candidate’s final travel expenses exceed the anticipated travel budget, the INTERDEM Academy coordination team should be notified of the difference in expenses and will review this. The candidate is expected to write a short report on their achievements within 6 weeks after finishing the stay abroad, which will be submitted to the INTERDEM website.


INTERDEM Academy executive office

Dr Inge Klinkenberg – INTERDEM Academy coordinator Alzheimer Center Limburg, Maastricht University Phone: +31 (0)43 388 4098 / +31 (0)6 43831544

E-­‐mail:  inge.klinkenberg@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Skype: ingeklinkenbergum

Prof Frans Verhey – INTERDEM Academy Lead Alzheimer Center Limburg, Maastricht University E-­‐mail: f.verhey@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Dr Marjolein de Vugt – INTERDEM Academy Associate

Alzheimer Center Limburg, Maastricht University E-­‐mail: m.devugt@maastrichtuniversity.nl



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