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    General and faculty requirements

    Charles University

    (general AP conditions)

    Contact information

    Street:Ovocný trh 560/5
    Municipality:Praha 1
    Postcode:116 36
    University phone number:+420224491111

    Application's submission deadline

    Bachelor's study programmes:dle vyhlášených podmínek jednotlivých fakult
    Master's study programmes:dle vyhlášených podmínek jednotlivých fakult
    Post-Bachelor study programmes:dle vyhlášených podmínek jednotlivých fakult
    Ph.D. study programmes:not available yet

    General information

    Information on the admission procedure: The official and authenticated requirements for the admissions procedure at individual Faculties of Charles University are published at . There applicants can find detailed information about the content of entrance examinations, criteria and conditions for admission to individual programs and fields of study at individual Faculties.

    Charles University provides Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral programs of study. These programs may be carried out in two forms: full-time (on-site instruction) or part-time (combined on-site instruction and distance learning). Both forms of programs may be conducted simultaneously.

    Applicants apply for admission to the chosen study program or study field by filing a duly filled application that contains all required elements, complemented by additional materials as, and if, stipulated in the requirements and conditions of the admissions procedure. An application may be filed either electronically or in a paper form. The time limit for filing an application is considered received if the application has been delivered within the period of time stipulated in the requirements and conditions of admissions procedure at the Faculty offering the respective program of study.

    Individual Faculties of Charles University have different requirements for the form, elements and complementary materials (if relevant) of an application. Therefore, it is highly advisable to follow the instructions of the respective Faculty offering the respective study program or field. Applications are filed directly with the Faculty providing the chosen study program (see contact addresses). The filing of an application is subject to the payment of an administration fee; the confirmation of the fee paid must be submitted along with the application.

    If an applicant decides to apply for admission to more than one study program (fields) within Charles University or its Faculty the applicant is required to file a separate and complete application form for each chosen program (field) and to pay a separate administration fee for each application, unless the respective Faculty provides otherwise.

    Every applicant must satisfy the requirements and conditions stipulated by the Higher Education Act, the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University, and other admissions requirements, if relevant, declared by the Faculty for the respective study program and/or field. The Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University is available at . This regulation provides details of the admissions procedure at Charles University along with information about the possibility to sit for an entrance examination on a substitute day and about the appellate procedure.

    Study programs carried out by Charles University are available for applicants with disabilities unless a particular study program specifies otherwise. Should there be any questions and queries relating to accessibility of individual programs the applicant can address the Office for Students and Employees with Special Needs, which is a part of the Centre for Information, Counselling and Social Services of Charles University. Alternatively, the applicant can seek advice at the study department of the respective Faculty.
    Rector´s Measure No. 23/2017, Standards for Assistance to Students and Applicants with Special Needs, allows for a modification of an entrance examination. An entrance examination may be modified only upon a duly and timely filed application. The application for modification must be supported by a medical report. The application must be decided by the Dean of the respective Faculty. The general principle applies that the difference between the modified entrance examination and the regular procedure should be as minimal as practicable and that the whole procedure should be in compliance with the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University and relating regulations.

    Our advice to all applicants is that, in order to swiftly process their applications, they should distinguish between the powers of the Dean of a Faculty and the Rector of the whole Charles University, and address the body of Charles University that has jurisdiction over the applicant´s particular issue. Under the Higher Education Act, it is the Dean of a Faculty who admits applicants to study at that Faculty. The Dean of the Faculty issues the decision on admission or non-admission; the decision is to be delivered to the applicant´s own hands. If the decision is in the affirmative and the applicant has been admitted, such decision may be delivered through the electronic Information System of Charles University provided the applicant agreed with such procedure in advance by ticking the relevant box in the electronic application form.
    An applicant may lodge an appeal against the Dean´s decision. The appeal should be addressed to the Rector of Charles University; however, it should be filed with the Dean of the respective Faculty within 30 days of the delivery of the decision. The Dean may fully satisfy the appeal and change the former decision; alternatively, the appeal is to be referred to the Rector. The Dean may alter the original decision only if the decision had been issued contrary to the law, internal regulation of the University or part thereof, or requirements and conditions of the admissions procedure under section 49 (1) and (3) of the Higher Education Act. No other reasons may justify the alteration of the decision.

    Where the Dean refers an appeal to the Rector the latter is to review the compliance of the challenged decision and the procedure preceding the decision with legislation, internal regulations of the University and Faculty and the requirements and conditions of admission as stipulated by the Faculty. If no conflict with these laws has been identified the Rector dismisses the appeal and affirms the original decision.

    Reasons for appeal emphasizing, for example, a high number of applicants for study in a particular program, family traditions, excellent results achieved in preceding studies, practice within the chosen field, language and other examinations previously passed, may not be taken into account during the appellate procedure. The requirements and conditions for admissions procedure and methods of verifying their fulfilment are applicable to decision making during the whole admissions procedure in the respective academic year and may not be changed in the course of the procedure.
    Applications neither for admission to different study programs (fields or combination of fields), which were not submitted within the admissions procedure, nor for the change of the form of study or transfer from one program/field to another, may not be processed in the course of the appellate procedure. Transfers from another university to Charles University, or from one program/field to another program/field within Charles University are not allowed.

    The up-to-date information on the admissions procedure is provided by the study department of the respective Faculty (for contact details see individual Faculties). Information regarding study and admissions procedure is also provided by the Centre for Information, Counselling and Social Services of Charles University (110 00 Praha 1, Celetná 13, tel.: 224 491 850, e-mail, ).