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Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law

Study branch

Study branch code 6801V050
Type of study programme doctoral
Form of study full-time, combined
Standard length of study 3 years
Title doctor
Rigorosum procedure no
Variant of study one-branch study
Language of instruction English

Language versions of name

Language Name
CzechTeorie, filozofie a sociologie práva
EnglishTheory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law
LatinIuris doctrina generalis, philosophia, sociologia


of Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law (D; 6801V050; 6801V050; 3 years; PF; en; P,K; 1branch)

Faculty of CU

Name Accreditation status Status of instruction Requirements for admission to study WhoIS
Faculty of Law accredited not taught Has not been opened to admissions Detail

Units participating in instruction

No other units

Study profile and learning outcomes