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Registrace uživatele

Registration allows users to view an electronic form of theses. Users with ID cards of Charles University or users with account in CAS - Charles University Authentication Service can log in and view the electronic version of works without registering. They use the credentials recorded in CAS.

Summary of the registration process:
After entering and sending data in the form below, an e-mail will be generated and sent to the user (to e-mail address indicated on the form). The e-mail will contain a link to confirm the user registration. After confirming, the user receives credentials in additional e-mail.

It is necessary to remember password filled in the registration form, as it is used to log into the application when the registration is completed.
    1. Označení
    1. Označení
Kontaktní adresa
      • Po zadání prvních písmen se zobrazí nabídka států.
      • e.g. company identification, flat number, ....
    1. Označení
  • I hereby declare that I am aware that the information acquired from theses published by Charles University may not be used for commercial purposes or may not be published for educational, scientific or other creative activities as activities of person other than the author.