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Právní principy ochrany životního prostředí

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Právní principy ochrany životního prostředí
Titile (in english):
Legal principles of environmental protection
Rigorosum thesis
JUDr. Tereza Kučerová Tvardíková
prof. JUDr. Milan Damohorský, DrSc.
JUDr. Karolina Žákovská, Ph.D.
Thesis Id:
Faculty of Law (PF)
Department of Environmental Law (22-KPZP)
Study programm:
Law and Jurisprudence (M6805)
Study branch:
Law (6835)
Degree granted:
Defence date:
Defence result:
Keywords (in czech):
Životní prostředí, Ochrana životního prostředí, Právní principy
Environment, Environment protection, Legal principles
ABSTRACT The m ai n purpose of t hi s t hes i s i s t o anal yz e and di scus s di fferen t as pect s o f si x sel ect ed envi ronm ent al l e gal pri nci pl es and t o descri b e t hei r rol e i n t hree l egal sys t em s: i nt ernat i ona l l aw, EU l aw and the C z ech l aw . The chos en pri n ci pl es ar e : com pl ex i t y and i nt e gri t y pri n ci pl e, pre v ent i on pri nci pl e, pre caut i onar y pri nci pl e, a ccess to i nfo rm at i on and publ i c part i ci pat i on pri nci pl e, and l i abi l i t y pri nci pl es i ncl udi ng pol l ut er p a ys pri nci pl e. The t hesi s i s di vi ded i nt o t hree m a i n chapt ers. C hapt er One i s i nt roduct or y, d efi n es l egal pr i nci pl e s from several p oi nt s of l egal - t heoret i cal vi e w and set s basi c t erm i nol og y us ed i n t he t h es i s. C hapt er Two focus es on envi ron m ent al l aw i n i t s ent i ret y and consi st s of t wo part s. Th e fi rs t one descri b es t he s yst em of envi r onm ent al l aw and t he rol e of l e gal pri nci pl es wi t hi n, p art t wo enum er at es envi ronm ent al pri n c i pl es ex pressed, ex pl i ci t l y or i m pl i ci t l y, i n l egal t heor y and c ruci al docu m ent s . C hapt er Three i s a ke y p ar t of t he t hesi s as i t ex am i nes fundam ent al sel ect e d en vi ronm ent al pri nci pl es i n six separat e sub -chapt e rs . E ach pri nci pl e i s fi rs t l y d efi ned and i t s genesi s , i m portance and si gni fi can ce descri bed , t hen t he aut hor ex am i nes l egal docum e nt s (i ncl udi ng cou r t deci si ons) t o s how how t he gi ven pri nci pl e beh aves i n Int ern at i onal , Euro pean and C z ech La w.
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