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Právní úprava stíhání černého obchodu v ČSR

Upozornění: Informace získané z popisných dat či souborů uložených v Repozitáři závěrečných prací nemohou být použity k výdělečným účelům nebo vydávány za studijní, vědeckou nebo jinou tvůrčí činnost jiné osoby než autora.
Právní úprava stíhání černého obchodu v ČSR
Název v angličtině:
Legal regulation of black market prosecution in ČSR
Rigorózní práce
JUDr. Petr Malý
prof. JUDr. PhDr. Karolina Adamová, CSc., DSc.
doc. JUDr. Ladislav Soukup, CSc.
Id práce:
Právnická fakulta (PF)
Katedra právních dějin (22-KPD)
Program studia:
Právo a právní věda (M6805)
Obor studia:
Právo (6835)
Přidělovaný titul:
Datum obhajoby:
22. 6. 2010
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Abstract v angličtině:
Resumé The notion of the black market is most often used as a general expression for various types of offences which are mainly committed in the time of political instability of the state and its economy and a lot of negative consequences are connected with this situation. War conflicts and huge economical crises could be considered as very typical originators of breakthrough moments. After their appearance there is very often a violation of the state economics and economic system as a whole. And by influence of the factors described earlier there are many consequences like the production is being successively limited, the distribution is being endangered or the obstruction of moving the goods to its final consumer comes into consideration. Therefore the population loses its trouble free access for commodities and products which are necessary for satisfying their needs. In a reaction of incurred deficit the individual customers are capable to pay higher prices for goods which are not worth it and which would normally have distinctively lower value. Such artificially increased demand can in a very short period of time influence very intensively the offer in the market which then repeatedly reacts by constant raising up the price till the point when the demanded price crosses the commonly demanded one. Higher specified process gives a large space for presence of different forms of speculation which avail the weakness of one contractual party and don’t take in consideration any morality of the trade since their main goal is to enrich themselves. These defective phenomenons are known as usury or black market in Czech law. To sum up this work concerns the described phenomenons, more precisely the legal amendment of their restriction and sanctioning by using concrete legal standards which were used in each and every period of time mainly during the Czechoslovak republic. Because of that it was needed to specify general notions in the first part of my work such as individual and social usury. Then follows the chronological analysis of legal amendment of the prosecution of the black market and the evaluation of the circumstances leading to accepting main legal norms and related legislative process is also mentioned. As we need to examine every law and its implementation regulation it was shown as necessary to explain basic terms comprised in these regulations and after that to continue with interpretation of the main legal provisions. Two main columns on which the work is based are introduced by the analysis of the law n. 568/1919 Code of law, about prosecuting the war usury and then a paper about legal amendment of the black market after the second world war in Czechoslovakia which is represented by the law n. 15/1947 Code of law, about prosecution of the black market and other intrigues. And besides these standards this work is aimed to answer the questions about legal regulations dealing with procedural proceeding as well as other important circumstances.
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