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Zástavní právo a jeho využití v bankovní praxi

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Zástavní právo a jeho využití v bankovní praxi
Titile (in english):
Legal problems of the unit ownership focused on the grouping of unit ownership
Rigorosum thesis
JUDr. Gabriela Žáčková Krocová
prof. JUDr. Jan Dvořák, CSc.
doc. JUDr. Josef Salač, Ph.D.
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Faculty of Law (PF)
Department of Civil Law (22-KOP)
Study programm:
Law and Jurisprudence (M6805)
Study branch:
Law (6835)
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VII. SUMMARY VII.1. Title LEGAL PROBLEMS OF THE UNIT OWNERSHIP FOCUSED ON THE GROUPING OF UNIT OWNERSHIP. VII.2. Keywords Unit ownership, home unit, grouping of unit ownership. VII.3. Content The aim of this work is to present the legal regulations of the unit ownership and the grouping of unit ownership in Czech republic focused on it´s unity and contradiction. The author in particularly comes out of the Civil Code, the Unit Ownership Law, the Sample Statutes, the Cadastr Law and the Instructions of Cadastr Office and also draws attention to the case-law of the Supreme Court and other judgements. The work is divided into seven chapters, however principal are the third and the fourth of them, that are concentrated on the unit ownership and the grouping of unit ownership. At the beginning of the third chapter are defined the legal words as a building, a house, a section, a home unit, an operating unit, a common space in building and a land. Subsequently the work pursues to the rise and extinction of 87 the unit ownership. Later on the author goes through the rights and duties of the unit owner. Due to czech law the grouping of unit ownership is the only one corporation that is established subject to certain legal conditions right from the law. Firstly in the chapter fourth are mentioned the main questions of this institute, consecutively are analysed the house custody and the bodies of this corporation as the assembly, the statutory and the controling authority. Also the author payes close attention to the statues of the grouping of unit ownership. The work is finished to the 31th January 2009. 88
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