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Art spaces outside institutional frames: differential spaces of art

Upozornění: Informace získané z popisných dat či souborů uložených v Repozitáři závěrečných prací nemohou být použity k výdělečným účelům nebo vydávány za studijní, vědeckou nebo jinou tvůrčí činnost jiné osoby než autora.
Art spaces outside institutional frames: differential spaces of art
Název v češtině:
Umělecké prostory mimo institucionální rámce: diferenciální prostory umění
Disertační práce
Mgr. Bojana Piškur
prof. PhDr. Petr Wittlich, CSc.
PhDr. Martina Pachmanová, Ph.D.
prof. PhDr. Vojtěch Lahoda, CSc.
Id práce:
Filozofická fakulta (FF)
Ústav pro dějiny umění (21-UDU)
Program studia:
Obecná teorie a dějiny umění a kultury (P8109)
Obor studia:
Dějiny výtvarného umění (XVU)
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Datum obhajoby:
1. 3. 2006
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Abstract v angličtině:
The aim of this dissertation is to direct attention towards differential way of approaching spaces of art, on the basis of Lefebvrian space production. But the space production in question is just one aspect which cannot be isolated from the wider social environment. While differential spaces of art seem to be - in theory at least- an ideal place for discussion within recent debates on representation, culture, identity and so on, they have nevertheless been relatively isolated from these perspectives. The main reason is that it is impossible to analyze the actual production of differential spaces. lt is possible, however, to elucidate and expose the production and the product - space (they are inevitably connected) - through first-hand experiences (participation), and through secondary sources such as documentary materials, newspaper articles, interviews etc. Production of differential spaces of art can be recognized in the following spatialities: appropriated spaces, embodied spaces, spaces of the so called "third sector", and inner spaces of mind, to name the examples described in the dissertation. lt also seeks answers to questions: what is specific to the production of differential spaces of art? What is the relationship between different spatialities? Between differential spaces of art and the Institution? And the art system? Additionally, this dissertation shows how the roles of the artist as well as the audience have changed; and according to the network theory which represents an important part of the space production, they can not be observed as separate entities but form a special kind of web where everything is connected with everything else. The principle of differential spaces of art can find its analogy in the "nomadic action" ( Critical Art Ensemble) which is an unmediated or direct action that can take space anywhere and where no particular social aggregate is designated as audience or participants. Powered by TCPDF (
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