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Degree programmes and fields of study at Charles University

Over 170 accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes comprising more than 600 fields of study are currently offered by the 17 faculties of Charles University. Applicants can choose nearly to 60 regularly opening Bachelor’s degree programmes with over 190 fields of study, and from over 60 Master’s degree programmes covering more than 220 fields of study.

Long-cycle Master’s programmes – i.e. self-contained programmes that do not follow on from a three-year Bachelor’s programme – are currently being phased out, and no new students are enrolled. The only long-cycle Master’s programmes that continue to run are: Catholic Theology, General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law and Legal Science, Primary Education and Psychology.

The University’s credit system for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies is compatible with the rules of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) facilitating student mobility within the European Union); it was introduced at Charles University in 2006/2007.

Charles University offers over 200 accredited PhD programmes in more than 160 fields of study.

Some of the degree programmes listed in the database below may not open for admissions every year. For degree programmes offered in the current academic year, see Admissions.

The accreditation database is continuously updated; the latest update was on 21/10/2017 05:02:18.
The person responsible for updating is Kamila Klabalová, Student Affairs Department, Rector’s Office.