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    Tibetanistika (7310T179)

    Fakulta: Filozofická fakulta
    Studijní program: Filologie (N7310)
    Forma studia: prezenční
    Druh studia: navazující magisterské
    Jazyk výuky: angličtina
    Předpokládaný počet přijímaných: 8
    Maximální počet přijímaných:  
    Standardní doba studia: 2 roky
    Krátká poznámka: combinations: single or double honours; may be combined with any other subject to which the double-honours NMgr. programme also applies
    Paralelní v Aj:  
    Výše poplatku za studium v Aj: 110 000 CZK
    Forma přihlášky: Elektronická
    Možnost přijetí s upuštěním od přijímací zkoušky:  

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      The language of instruction is English. Tibetan Studies is a fee-paying programme; the annual study fee is 110 000 CZK.
    • sbalit Rozbalit (další informace)
      entrance examination: one-round examination (oral)

      entrance examination content:
      oral examination
      1) discussion based on the outline of the candidate’s bachelor’s thesis (max. 30 points)
      2) knowledge of the language studied (max. 40 points)
      3) motivation for study of the subject (max. 30 points)

      other requirements: none
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      The applicant is admitted if he/she obtains a minimum of 50 points in the entrance examination (single round or two-round) and at the same time scores enough points to place among the maximum number of students admitted to the respective programme (refer to the Admission Procedure Specifications applicable to the individual degree programmes); the applicant will be admitted if he/she scores the same number of points as the applicant who comes last in the ranking of admissions. In programmes offered in both the full-time and combined forms, the maximum number of admissions is defined separately for both forms. Applicants applying for programmes offered as double-subject only will only be admitted if they meet the above conditions for a minimum of two degree programmes which can be freely combined (for more details, see section 2.1 hereof). The ranking of applicants to be admitted to programmes offered as double-subject only will include applicants who place in the ranking in one programme, but fail to be admitted to at least one other programme from among programmes which can be combined; therefore, the maximum number of admissions may remain unfilled. Applicants admitted cannot be enrolled unless they supply, no later than on the enrolment date, evidence of previous education.
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      additional information:
      uajd.ff.cuni.cz (Department of South and Central Asia)
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      Our degree programme in Tibetan Studies is unparalleled in the Czech Republic as no other school in the country offers the subject. Study of the Tibetan regions can bring surprising facts to light as many of the postulates accepted by the humanities have not yet been tested on such a distinct society. The programme aims to prepare students for careers in cultural exchange with the Tibetan regions, in museums and tourism. Graduates may also find employment in the media and humanitarian organisations. Moreover, graduates will be ready to pursue academic careers.