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    MA - Etika sportu a integrita (7401T027)

    Fakulta: Fakulta tělesné výchovy a sportu
    Studijní program: Tělesná výchova a sport (N7401)
    Forma studia: prezenční
    Druh studia: navazující magisterské
    Jazyk výuky: angličtina
    Standardní doba studia: 2 roky
    Výše poplatku za studium v Aj: http://www.maisi-project.eu/
    Forma přihlášky: Elektronická

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      The MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity represents a coherent and integrated interdisciplinary programme responding to the multidisciplinary nature of the problems manifest in sport governance. The partners have been selected according to their contributory areas of expertise, and form a team of co-workers and co-researchers dedicated to the exploration of issues and solutions in sports governance, ethics and integrity. The MA aims to develop in students high-level transferable skills, sensitivity to issues of ethics and integrity, and the skills, tools and resources to devise policy and implement sound practice. The MA will be at a high theoretical level, but always relevant to the requirements of practical contexts, policy development and decision-making.
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      College of Engineering at Swansea University in Great Britain is in charge of the admission process.
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      The MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity is designed to develop sports administrators, policy personnel, and related professionals, who have a systemic and coherent view of the ethical nature of sport, the nature and requirements of integrity, and the ethical dimensions of governance, so as to develop the capacity to improve the practices of sports organisations and individuals operating in sporting environments. Graduates are educated as a new generation of sports administrators who have a firm understanding of the nature and value of sport, so as to sustain its social value against crude exploitation, and to expand its value base. Graduates should be able to defend the integrity of sport organisations (and of sport itself), and create sound and principled policies.