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    Sociologie v evropském kontextu (6703T021)

    Fakulta: Fakulta sociálních věd
    Studijní program: Sociologie (N6703)
    Forma studia: prezenční
    Druh studia: navazující magisterské
    Jazyk výuky: angličtina
    Standardní doba studia: 2 roky
    Krátká poznámka: Tuition fee based English-taught study programme /studium za úhradu v AJ/
    Výše poplatku za studium v Aj: EUR 6000 per academic year
    Forma přihlášky: Elektronická

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      Sociology in European Context (SEC) is a two-year English-language Master’s programme designed for international students interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the state of the present-day field including its theory and research methods. The curriculum focuses on major social processes taking place in contemporary European countries and offers opportunities for students to develop skills including data collection, analysis and interpretation while carrying out sociological research. 

      The lectures and seminars examine processes and phenomena of international migration, nationalism, and social inequality in terms of societal integration and the main threats to the building of a civil society in Central Europe. Further, students explore the role of elites in societies undergoing social transformation and in the building of a civil society. The programme also includes lectures and seminars on carrying out applied research (electoral, marketing etc.), and special attention is paid to developing students’ critical thinking about scientific practice.

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      The entrance exam consists of:

      1. Ranking from 1-10 points for submitted certificates showing completed Bachelor's or Master's studies.
      2. Evaluation of applicants from 1-10 points on the basis of documents submitted which show results from previous studies. It is also possible to gain bonus points for having completed sociology subjects (see below).

      Results from the applicant's previous studies must be evidenced in a transcript of academic results from the final years of study. This transcript, confirmed by the academic department, faculty , or college, should be scanned and sent as an attachment with the online application. The division of points for ranking applicants on their academic results from the final years of study will be calculated as an arithmetic mean, rounded up to three tenths of a place, for completed years of study. It will not include fail grades and prospective results of the State final exam. The table below will be used for the conversion of points:


      arithmetic mean


































      If an applicant's results are classified according to the ECTS grading system (A-E), the following conversion to points is used: A=1.0   B=1.5   C=2.0   D=2.5   E=3.0. The arithmetic mean is then calculated from these points according to the rules above. If a grading system other than 1-3 or A-E is used for successfully completed subjects, it will first be converted to the A-E grading system (according to the regulations set by the college or faculty where the applicant studies, or studied) and then converted to 1-3 as outlined above.

      For every subject in the field of sociology which applicants have taken and passed in their previous studies, a bonus of 0.1 will be added to the points for documents confirming results from previous studies. However, it is never possible to reach more than a total of 10 points. Applicants are ranked using the points system, and the point limit for being accepted is set by the Dean.

      In addition to the application, the following documents must be provided:

      • CV in English
      • Copy of  Bachelor's degree certificate or equivalent 
      • List of academic results from a completed Bachelor's programme (summary of marks and academic results) 
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      A pre-condition for being accepted is the completion of higher education studies. The point limit for accepting applicants is set by the Dean. 
    • sbalit Rozbalit (další informace)
      Students graduating from the programme will possess scholarly advantages including current knowledge of the major social problems facing present-day European societies, as well as a comprehensive view of contemporary sociological theory. With their understanding of both quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods, graduates can competently conduct  a sociological research and cooperate effectively on both analytic and problem solving tasks, allowing them to work as a researcher, an expert, an analyst or a project manager in either the public sector and non-profit organisations, or in private companies. Our graduates are likewise prepared to pursue a fruitful academic career.