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Předmět, akademický rok 2019/2020
Česká cesta: Czech as a Means of Communication and a Way of Thinking - OEBZO19
Anglický název: Česká cesta: Czech as a Means of Communication and a Way of Thinking
Zajišťuje: Děkanát (41-DEKAN)
Fakulta: Pedagogická fakulta
Platnost: od 2011
Semestr: oba
E-Kredity: 4
Rozsah, examinace: 2/2 Zk [hodiny/týden]
Počet míst: zimní:neurčen / neurčen (neurčen)
letní:neurčen / neurčen (neurčen)
Minimální obsazenost: neomezen
Stav předmětu: nevyučován
Jazyk výuky: angličtina
Způsob výuky: prezenční
Poznámka: předmět je možno zapsat mimo plán
při zápisu přednost, je-li ve stud. plánu
předmět lze zapsat v ZS i LS
Garant: doc. RNDr. Miroslava Černochová, CSc.
Třída: Předměty v angličtině - bc.
Předměty v angličtině - mgr.
Cíl předmětu - angličtina
Poslední úprava: CERNOCHO/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (11.02.2011)

The goal of the course is to provide students with understanding of how Czech works in daily life and an ability to communicate in Czech at a very basic level. We don’t aim at comprehending how Czechs talk to each other on tram but at grasping worldviews residing in the language so that students get by in the daily culture and develop empathy for identity of a small nation. Students will collect photographs of various language contexts, posters, fliers, tickets and overheard conversations, and analyze them collectively in class. The classes will be run as classroom sessions to study Czech through contextual situations, phrases, vocabulary and grammatical rudiments, and workshops in and out of the classroom to discuss language related topics, deal with practical questions, work with language bits brought to class, visit real-life places and use the language with Czechs. To be able to communicate on a basic level means to comprehend daily life, survive in it with dignity and joy, react appropriately, ask simple questions and be polite. A goal of the course is also to develop readiness to study additional foreign languages and gain an international perspective.

Literatura - angličtina
Poslední úprava: CERNOCHO/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (11.02.2011)

Required materials: English-Czech / Czech-English Dictionary

Recommended readings:

Karen von Kunes: 240 Ways of Looking at Czech

Karen von Kunes: Everything You Wanted to Know about Czech and Were Afraid to Ask

Laura Janda and Steven Clancy: The Casebook for Czech

Derek Sayer: The Coasts of Bohemia

Požadavky ke zkoušce - angličtina
Poslední úprava: CERNOCHO/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (11.02.2011)


Attendance is mandatory. Missing more than two classes during the semester will be reflected by dropping a final grade progressively.

quizzes 20%

tests (3) 30%

active participation 20%

Diary/ portfolio / interdisciplinary project component 30%

Sylabus - angličtina
Poslední úprava: CERNOCHO/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (11.02.2011)

Course Schedule:

Week 1 Cizinec na CESTĚ

Personal information. Social rituals and habits.

Czech - My God, what is that? Čeština, český, česky, česká, Češka, Čechy, Čech. /Basic information about Czech grammar./

Week 2 CESTA městem.

Around the town. Information about events and asking for directions.

Notes, signs and posters in town.

Week 3 Na CESTĚ do obchodu.

In a store. Where to get "stuff". Are shopping malls universal?

Week 4 CESTA Evropou.

Where have you been? Activities and verbs. Towns and places. Places in Europe./

Week 5 "CESTA" v restauraci

Restaurant: Dinning, feasting, drinking and eating

Week 6 Budu CESTOvat.

Activities and verbs. What will you do?

To do or to make? Borrow or lend? Czech verbs

Week 7 Na CESTĚ

Post office, station, transport

May I sit in a tram at all?! Being polite.

Week 8 Review

Week 9 CESTA do ČR

Where are you from?

Am I stranger or foreigner? Misunderstanding caused by translation. False friends

Week 10 Rok na CESTĚ


Czech habits and traditions


Verbal aspect. Verbs.

How come they have only 3 tenses? Are they able to express EVERYTHING?!


Typical Czech. Adjectives. Qualities.

"That is typical!" But what does it actually mean?


The same like. - Different from.

The Czech Republic and the U.S.A.

Week 14 Rok na CESTĚ 2.


Czech habits and traditions. 2

Week 15 Review

Tests / quizzes:

final orientation test

midterm test

final semester test

occasional quizzes on topics

vocabulary / phrases / memory quizzes

Požadavky k zápisu - angličtina
Poslední úprava: CERNOCHO/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (11.02.2011)

The subject is taught by the experts from UJOP. You can find more details including the timetable of the course on http://it.pedf.cuni.cz/socrates/index.php?link=32〈=en.

If you want to be enrolled in the course please contact immediatelly by e-mail Mrs Stanislava Vlckova (stanislava.vlckova@pedf.cuni.cz).

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