Introduction to Text Corpora and Their Applications - AMLV00061
Anglický název: Introduction to Text Corpora and Their Applications
Zajišťuje: Ústav českého národního korpusu (21-UCNK)
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Platnost: od 2018
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Garant: Mgr. Lucie Lukešová, Ph.D.
Třída: Exchange - 09.3 Linguistics
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Anotace - angličtina
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Lucie Lukešová, Ph.D. (23.09.2016)
Introduction to Text Corpora and Their Applications

Text corpora have recently become an indispensable part of research in humanities/social sciences, primarily in
linguistics. They can serve both as a theoretical basis and as a rich source of data. The primary objective of this
course is to give an overview of their applications in various disciplines, including lexicology, language teaching,
translation studies, but also literary science, discourse studies or forensic linguistics. Students will learn both
theoretically and practically about the characteristics of a text corpus, incl. corpus design and annotation, types of
corpora and their purpose. The following topics will also be covered in the course: representativeness of data,
quantitative methods in linguistics, incl. basic statistical measures, multilingual corpora, corpus tools and possible
limitations in corpus-based research.

The course belongs to the area Exchange - 09.3 Linguistics, and is suitable for Erasmus students.
Poslední úprava: Mgr. Lucie Lukešová, Ph.D. (18.09.2017)

The course includes a 90-minute class each week, consisting of a 45-minute lecture (introducing the topic and providing all the necessary information) and a 45-minute practical seminar (including student participation based on reading and common work on selected tasks).




1.         5/10     Introduction to the course, first reading assignment


2.         12/10    History and development of language corpora (pre-electronic, 1st generation, 2nd generation)


3.         19/10    Corpus characteristics and design (incl. annotation, lemmatization, tagging), types of corpora


4.         26/10    Basic notions of corpus linguistics (frequency, distribution, representativeness, concordance etc.)


5.         2/11      Corpora in grammar and diachronic studies


6.         9/11      Corpora in lexical studies and lexicography


7.         16/11    Corpora in contrastive linguistics and translation studies


8.         23/11    Corpora in stylistics and literary studies


9.         30/11    Corpora in discourse studies (MD-CADS)


10.       7/12      Corpora in language learning and teaching (L1, L2)


11.       14/12     Corpora in forensic linguistics


12.       21/12     Corpora in sociolinguistics


13.       4/1/18   Final test







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Poslední úprava: Mgr. Lucie Lukešová, Ph.D. (09.09.2016)

Course requirements


No previous knowledge of corpus linguistics is required. The students are expected to attend the class and actively participate in the lessons. 

Final grades are based on attendance and active participation, one short class presentation (on a selected topic and assigned reading) and a final written test summarizing the covered areas in the course.