Literární překlad - drama a próza - AAALF001A
Anglický název: Literary Translation Workshop (Drama and Prose)
Zajišťuje: Ústav anglofonních literatur a kultur (21-UALK)
Fakulta: Filozofická fakulta
Platnost: od 2022
Semestr: zimní
Body: 2
E-Kredity: 5
Způsob provedení zkoušky: zimní s.:
Rozsah, examinace: zimní s.:0/2, Z [HT]
Počet míst: neurčen / 15 (neurčen)
Minimální obsazenost: neomezen
4EU+: ne
Virtuální mobilita / počet míst pro virtuální mobilitu: ne
Stav předmětu: vyučován
Jazyk výuky: čeština
Způsob výuky: prezenční
Způsob výuky: prezenční
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Garant: prof. Mgr. Ondřej Pilný, Ph.D.
Vyučující: prof. Mgr. Ondřej Pilný, Ph.D.
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Anotace - angličtina
MA and BA optional course. Priority enrolment for students of the MA programme in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures, and the BA programme in English and American Studies from the 2nd year onward.

The course will take the form of a workshop focused on some of the basic problems involved in the translation of literary texts. Particular attention will be paid to the translation of modern drama, introducing the students to the challenges of producing a stageable text. However, the workshop will also focus on the translation of fiction, especially such that involves linguistic experimentation, dialect or other specific features. Students will be expected to translate assigned extracts on a week-to-week basis and be actively involved in peer-reviewing their work. The class will be conducted in Czech.

After the first two opening sessions, classes will have the following structure:
1. All students produce a draft translation of the assigned extract.
2. Apart from that, each extract will have its main Translator, whose work will have two Reviewers. The Translator will provide his/her translation to the Reviewers and the instructor by e-mail a week in advance. The Reviewers will prepare a joint presentation, providing a critique of the Translator’s work and outlining its strengths and/or weaknesses.
3. The class will be organised around the Reviewers’ presentation, combining it with the instructor’s and the Translator’s comments. The Translator’s version will be copied out by him/her for the rest of the group, who will be expected to contribute to the discussion on the basis of their own translations of the same extract.

Credit requirements include 1. regular attendance, 2. producing the assigned translations on a week-to-week basis, 3. serving either once as a Translator of an extract or twice as a Reviewer, and 4. submitting a final translation of a set text with a brief commentary on the method utilised by the translator and the problems encountered (an extract from Pygmalion by G.B. Shaw; text will be available on Moodle from the beginning of the semester). The deadline for submission is 18 January 2024.
Poslední úprava: Pilný Ondřej, prof. Mgr., Ph.D. (11.09.2023)
Metody výuky


Poslední úprava: Znojemská Helena, Mgr., Ph.D. (23.06.2013)


2 Oct               Introduction

9 Oct               Bernard McLaverty, “Walking the Dog”

16 Oct              Mike McCormack, “Stained Glass Violations”

23 Oct              Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman

30 Oct              Samuel Beckett, “Dante and the Lobster”

6 Nov              Brian Friel, Faith Healer

13 Nov             Edward Albee, The Goat or Who Is Sylvia?

20 Nov             Harold Pinter, The Caretaker

27 Nov             David Mamet, Oleanna

4 Dec               Mark O’Rowe, The Approach

11 Dec             Enda Walsh, Penelope

18 Dec             Martin McDonagh, The Cripple of Inishmaan

8 Jan                Samuel Beckett, That Time

Note: Extracts for translation will be made available on Moodle; full texts are mostly available from the English and American Studies Library.

Poslední úprava: Pilný Ondřej, prof. Mgr., Ph.D. (11.09.2023)