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Fakulta: Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta   
Předmět: NMET061 Projektový seminář I
Rozvrhový lístek: 19aNMET061x01   
Osoba: Mgr. Jiří Mikšovský, Ph.D.   
Katedra: Katedra fyziky atmosféry (32-KFA)   
Platnost od: 08.10.2019   
Platnost do: 30.09.2020   
Lístek vytvořen: 08.10.2019 00:23   
Poslední změna: 02.12.2019 23:57 
Projektový seminář I - program pro ZS 2019/2020 

Projektový seminář se tento semestr koná ve středu, od 13:10 v seminární místnosti KFA (katedrový objekt MFF Troja)

Plánované termíny:






Jan Skořepa

Nonlinear signal and its seasonality in modeled and reanalysed geopotential height and temperature data

Nonlinearity of daily temperature series and geopotential height at the 500 hPa pressure level for global climatic model MPI-ESM-MR and reanalysis NCEP/NCAR are compared. Amount of nonlinearity by historical run of model is slightly higher than for reanalysis. Reasons for this are yet unknown. Further, preliminary results of nonlinearity for seasonal data of reanalysis are shown.



Vladimír Fuka

Large eddy simulations of flow and contaminant dispersion
The presentation will summarize recent results of simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer using the Extended Large-Eddy Microscale Model. The problems shown will include simulations of large turbulent structures above a rough surface in the frame of project 18-09539S, dispersion of air pollution from a street canyon and strongly stratified flow in Antarctica.



Zuzana Kluková

Impact of roof shape and building heights nonuniformity on ventilation of 3D street canyons

In European cities, atmospheric aerosol particles are nowadays the most discussed section of pollution. Their predominant source (90 %) is traffic, thus the air quality in streets and intersection is directly affected by them and it is necessary to know, how the particular street canyons ventilate these pollutants. Within this contribution, the results from the numerical model ELMM, will be shown, where six different street canyons were investigated. The particular focus will be on the roof shape and building heights nonuniformity.



Ondřej Vlček





Jana Ďoubalová

Ground-level air pollutant concentration estimation using satellite measurements of atmospheric compostion
The presentation will summarise the outputs of the project SAMIRA, where data fusion techniques have been applied to combine in-situ air quality measurements, chemistry transport model outputs and satellite measurements to produce maps of ground-level concentrations of several atmospheric pollutants.
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