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Fakulta: Fakulta humanitních studií   
Rozvrhový lístek:    
Osoba: Mgr. Milada Pajgrtová   
Katedra: Oddělení doktorských studií (24-IDP)   
Platnost od: 19.04.2018   
Platnost do: 30.07.2018   
Lístek vytvořen: 19.04.2018 14:36   
Poslední změna: 19.04.2018 14:36 
Special Issue on "Political Sociology" 

Special Issue on "Political Sociology"

Submission Deadline: August 3rd, 2018
Publishing Date: October 2018

We are looking for academic papers with unique and original opinions for the coming special issue on "Political Sociology", launched by the journal Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS). Your expertise in this field catches our attention and we're pleased to invite you to send your research works to us by email to paperhandle.yjl@hotmail.com (please indicate the name of our special issue or journal in your email).

If you have any inquiries, please contact the above Hotmail. We're happy to give you details and guidance.

You could search online by Open Journal of Political Science 2164 0513, then please check Open Special Issues section.

Potential Topics (not confined to)

  • Politics and citizenship
  • Voting and democracy
  • Social inequality and politics
  • Public opinion and social movements
  • Cultural politics
  • Institutional analysis and politics
  • Social democracy and social policy
  • War and power of politics
  • Religious life
  • Women rights
  • European studies
  • History & political science
  • International affairs

Published Papers in OJPS

Citizenship, Space, and Democracy: Political Changes in the Context of Globalization
Gabriel Pérez Pérez
Study of Improving the Community Governance Mode by Constructing the Demand Ways for the Rational Public Opinion
Yang Yang
Cultural Identity and Human Rights: Minority Claims, Ethnic Identity, and Group Rights
Dhruv Pande, Munmun Jha

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