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Fakulta: Fakulta humanitních studií   
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Osoba: Mgr. Milada Pajgrtová   
Katedra: Oddělení doktorských studií (24-IDP)   
Platnost od: 14.02.2018   
Platnost do: 15.03.2018   
Lístek vytvořen: 14.02.2018 15:48   
Poslední změna: 14.02.2018 15:48 
U of Amsterdam Summer Programmes and Scholarships: Security Governance & Conflict Resolution 

We designed this programme for students that want to discuss a global matter as security and explore different understanding of contemporary conflicts. The topic is approached from diverse perspectives by lectures and excursions leaded by Dr. Martjin Dekker, a political anthropologist specialised in human security.

We welcome students from all over the world to spend an amazing Summer in Amsterdam!

Security Governance & Conflict Resolution: Security is a common term in today’s world. It is omnipresent from relations between nations, for current global crises, and to personal security and safety: but what does security really mean, and in what ways can it be governed, ordered, and made use of? In this three-week summer programme students will be introduced to the topics of Security Governance and Conflict Resolution from a variety of perspectives and agents, including a trip to the UN in Brussels.


Scholarships: The Summer Programmes Office offers AUF Travel Grants to help students cover the cost of travelling to Amsterdam. Please see our Tuition, Costs, and Scholarships page for more information on how to apply. We also offer a number of other programmes in Urban Studies, Political Science, and Social and Behavioural Sciences. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pedro Carvalho, BA, MSc

Programme Assistant


Universiteit van Amsterdam | Graduate School of Social Sciences | Summer Programmes Office
Visiting address: Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  | 1018 WV Amsterdam | REC B 7.15
Office phone: +31 (0)20-525-3776

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