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    Branch programme/details

    Stomatology (0911VD350008)

    Faculty: Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
    Study programme: Stomatology (P0911D350008)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: doctoral
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students Expected number of accepted students: 1
    Maximum number of accepted students: 5
    Standard length of study: 4 years
    Application type: Online, Paper
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      Application submission date: 30.04.2024
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      Charge for an on-line application: 780
      Charge for a paper application: 830
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      The dental study program consists of the following topics: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthetics, Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics, Periodontology and Oral Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.
      The aim of the postgraduate study of Stomatology is to extend, deepen the knowledge of doctoral students not only in the basic Stomatology field but also in related fields (borderline) and, on that basis, independent scientific work.

      The main part of the study is solving a specific research task in the field of stomatology, which is in accordance with the research focus of department. The results of the solution of the given topic are processed by the doctoral student in his / her dissertation. At the same time, it continuously presents them both in the form of a professional article in the relevant periodical and in the form of an oral communication at domestic or foreign professional meetings.

      Study program without specialization.
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      The entrance examination takes the form of an interview in which professional and language skills are examined
      primarily as well as the readiness of candidates for independent scientific work in the chosen field.
      Interviews comprise of:
      1. English language (0-20 points)
      2. Specialized topic (0-40 points)
      3. Examination from the field (0-30 points)
      4. Publications, lectures (0-10 points)

      Passing of an entrance interview with at least 70 points.
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      Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 01.06.2024 Until: 30.06.2024
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 01.07.2024 Until: 31.07.2024
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      Not possible.
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      Doporučená literatura:
      Mazánek,J.: Traumatologie orofaciální oblasti. Praha, Grada Publishing 1999
      Stejskalová,J. a kol.: Konzervační zubní lékařství. Praha, Galén+ Karolinum 2003
      Slezák,R.: Infekční choroby ústní sliznice. Praha, Grada 1997
      Cameron,A. Widmer,R.: Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry. 2nd.ed. Mosby 2003
      Kamínek, M.: Ortodoncie 2014
      Jiří Mazánek a kol.:Propedeutika, Grada Publishing,a.s. 2014
      Jiří Šedý : Stomatologie I, Triton, 2012
      Hana Hubálková, Jana Krňoulová : Materiály a technologie v protetickém zubním lékařství, Galén, 2009
      Jindřich Pazdera: Základy ústní a čelistní chirurgie, Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, 2011
      Thomas Weber: Memorix zubního lékařství, Grada Publishing,a.s. 2012
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      A Ph.D. graduate is able to solve through scientific methods the issues of basic and applied research in the field of dentistry. He / she knows the general methodology of scientific research and is able to critically evaluate both literary and clinical findings, which he / she can integrate into both theoretical and clinical information. It brings new knowledge in both its own and related fields and independently organizes new research methods in the field. He / she is able to elaborate the solved problems into a professional text and can apply new methodological procedures in practice. The topic of the dissertation determines the graduate's own narrow specialization. The graduate becomes a highly qualified expert in his field, or in related fields, and has deep professional knowledge given by the focus of the doctoral thesis.
      Graduates of the postgraduate program have the opportunity to work as a university teacher in medical facilities or medical faculties.
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      Tuition [CZK] / per period: 1000 CZK / year