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    Branch programme/details

    Applied Physiotherapy (0915TA360005)

    Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
    Study programme: Applied Physiotherapy (N0915A360005)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Master's (post-Bachelor)
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students Expected number of accepted students: 20
    Standard length of study: 2 years
    Short note: studijní program je uskutečňován bez specializace
    Application type: Online

    Rate of admitted and total applicants in the past academic year

    2 / 7

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      Application submission date: 31.07.2023
      Note on date:

      Applications must be submitted online and payments must be made by 11:59:59 p.m. on 30th July 2023. Once the application has been filled in online, the Information System will generate a six-digit code for each applicant, which must be used as the specific symbol during the payment of the administrative fee. Please note that once the application has been completed, it must be submitted (by clicking on the Send button) in order to become valid. Applications submitted online should not be printed out and sent by post. The applicant failing to duly complete the application form or to document the payment of the application fee will be notified by the Faculty and asked to rectify the shortcomings within an adequate time. In the case of failure to rectify the shortcomings within this time, the application process will be terminated. The administrative fee will not be refunded. 

      Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries are advised to apply by April 30th.

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      Applied Physiotherapy is a subject in a health care area focusing on diagnostics, functional therapy of movement system disorders. Physiotherapy also influences the functions of the other systems including the psychical one throughout the movement and other psysiotherapeutical processes.
      The students of this programme are graduates in accredited/recognized Bachelor study programmes of physiotherapy in the Czech Republic. The graduates from any university abroad (apart from Slovakia) are required to do the process of nostrification. The programme offers a 2 year study programme. The programme is devided into 4 semsters and includes subjects which intensify and develop the knowledge and skills gained during Bachelor study programme. The students specialize in at least one specific method or concept in physiotherapy. The essencial subjects include: Special Kinesiology, Differential Diagnostics, Selected Chaptures in Physiotherapeutical Methods, Applied PNF, Clinical Effectiveness in Physiotherapy, Special Chapters from Clinical Subjects, Management in Healthcare, Physiotherapy in Sport, Preventive Programs in Physiotherapy, Methodology of Science, Presentation of Results of Scientific Work. The important part of every year study is a specialized internship at medical institutions, curricular internship and Clinical Colloquium under an expert supervison. When the student gains 120 ECTS credits he or she takes the Final State Exam insluding Master Thesis Defence, theoretical exams and practical medical institution exam.

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      The applicant is required to attach to an Application form a/letter of motivation b/ a sport doctor’s confirmation that he or she is able to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, c/proof of qualifications (e.g. a legalized copy of documents certifying completion of secondary education in the case of a Bachelors programme, or a legalized copy of a Bachelor´s diploma in the case of a follow-up Master’s degree programme), d/ curriculum vitae and a letter(s) of recommendation for study, e/ internationally recognised certificate proving the applicant’s English language skills. All the documents have to be officially translated to Czech or English language.

      Mandatory annex to the application: Recommendation of the supervisor of clinical practice graduated in bachelor's studies or recommendation of the guarantor of the Physiotherapy study program on the applicant's suitability for study.

      In case the application is not properly filled out, all required documents are not attached or if the application fee was covered alongside with the recognition fee payment (880 CZK), the Faculty will send out a Notice to eliminate shortcoming of the application or a Notice to pay an admission procedure fee within a time frame. Should the shortcomings not be eliminated within the set time period, the application process will be terminated. The administrative fee will not be refunded.

      There are no entrance examinations for study programs taught in English, applicant  is obligated to provide all required documents.

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      Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate. Admission to Post-Bachelor studies (Master's programme) is likewise conditioned by completed education in any type of study programme.

      Verification method: other form
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: Until:
      Alternative date (of entrance exam):
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      A Master study programme in Applied Physiotherapy graduate is a „physiotherapeutist“ with the qualification to do the career in providing a health services wchich develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. The physiotherapeutist provides the services throughout the people´s lives when their movement functions are threatened by aging, injuries, diseases, specific conditions or any environmental factors. The Master's study of physiotherapy extends the bachelor's knowledge and skills by specific examination methods used by physiotherapists, by determining the differential balance, by applying complex physiotherapy procedures to hospitalized and outpatient patients. The physiotherapeutist is concerned with identifying and improving the quality of physical, emotianal and socilal wellbeing of the population. The physiotherapeutist also participates in promotion, prophylactic treatment and rehabilitation with the aim to bring the pacient back to standard state of life.

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      Tuition [CZK] / per period: 220000 CZK / year