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    Branch programme/details

    General Anthropology (0314VD030001)

    Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
    Study programme: General Anthropology (P0314D030001)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: doctoral
    Language of instruction: Czech
    Standard length of study: 4 years
    Application type: Online

    Rate of admitted and total applicants in the past academic year

    11 / 14

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      Application submission date: 30.04.2023
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      The broadly conceived doctoral study programme of (general) anthropology focuses on human behaviour, action and cognition both in their biological (genetic) aspects and evolutionary, social and/or environmentally conditioned variability. Its general anthropological approach stems from an assumption that (a) it is only a variety and variability of behaviour, action and cognition that can speak of the character of human existence, and that (b) it is necessary to speak of this existence by way of a synthetizing combination of biological-empirical, cultural-interpretative and reflexively philosophical methods. It is supported by the (Anglo-American) conception of integral general anthropology as a discipline studying both biological and socio-cultural aspects of human beings conceived as complex organisms endowed with language, thought and culture (endowed with a capacity of semiotic, symbolical representation). This assumption is broaden by certain aspects of (German and French) philosophical and historical anthropology. Such conception of (general) anthropology takes into account both the diversity of human cultures and common characteristic features of humanity (both partial evolutional processes and general qualities of biological and cultural evolution of man). Doctoral students choose one of the four specializations of this study programme: a) philosophical anthropology, b) historical anthropology, c) psychological anthropology and human ethology, or d) social and cultural anthropology. General anthropology is a basically synthetic (i.e. combines a variety of relatively independent approaches) and comparative discipline as well as a field that is analytically critical and reflexive. This conception of (general) anthropology uses (according to selected specialization) both empirical (or statistical) methods of biological sciences (or bio-medical sciences, empirical psychology or demography) and interpretative methods of social and cultural anthropology (or ethnography) and historical, or analytical and reflexive methods of philosophical and hermeneutic anthropology. A significant nexus of the study programme is provided by a theory of culture (seen as a semiotic system transferred by social learning), whether it is applied in mainly cultural and constructivist interpretations, or in interpretations drawing from co-evolution of genes and culture, or in studies of culturally conditioned frequency of biological and/or neuropsychological manifestations.
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      The exam will consist of a discussion about the dissertation project, and check the basic assumptions of the study. The entrance exam will test the ability of the applicant to cope with their dissertation project. The questions of the entrance interview primarily focus on the theme of the applicant’s research project (max. 10 points).

      The enter the admission process, one must submit the filled-out application form for doctorate studies, along with the following attachments:
      o The theme of thesis, i.e. annotation of research project.
      o A brief professional biography.
      o Other noteworthy documents (e.g. list of publications by applicant, documents confirming a successful state or international exam in a foreign language, or documents confirming academic work, either in the Czech Republic or abroad)
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      Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 07.06.2023 Until: 16.06.2023
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 21.06.2023 Until: 28.06.2023
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      The goal of the study programme in anthropology is to prepare students for academic research work at the level required by contemporary science. Students will combine knowledge from all fields in a holistic approach to studying man and populations, to overcoming ethnic and social differences, and in attempting to observe current processes in their historical and cultural contexts.