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    Branch programme/details

    Pharmacy (0916TA080002)

    Faculty: Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové
    Study programme: Pharmacy (M0916A080002)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Master's
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students Expected number of accepted students: 60
    Maximum number of accepted students: 90
    Standard length of study: 5 years
    Application type: Online

    Rate of admitted and total applicants in the past academic year

    60 / 120

    • You cannot apply for study of this programme/branch now.

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      Application submission date: 30.04.2023
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      The study program complies with the EU directive 2005/36/EC on the higher education of pharmacists and the graduate is qualified to pursue pharmacist´s activities listed in this directive:

      • the preparation of the pharmaceutical form of medicinal products
      • the manufacture ant testing of medicinal products
      • the testing of medicinal products in a laboratory for the testing of medicinal products
      • the storage, preservation and distribution of medicinal products at the wholesale stage
      • the preparation, testing, storage and supply of medicinal products in pharmacies open to the public
      • the preparation, testing, storage and dispensing of medicinal products in hospitals
      • the provision of information and advice on medicinal products


      Master study programme Pharmacy is without specialization.

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      The written test includes a multiple-choice test in Chemistry (50 questions), Biology (30 questions), and Botany (20 questions). In addition, the English language level will be tested by an English grammar test (40 questions).

      Students will obtain points only for correct answers. They will get 1 point for each correct answer in Chemistry, Biology, and Botany. In addition, they will get 0.5 points for each correct answer in the English language test. If the applicant does not answer a particular question correctly or does not answer the question at all, the applicant will not obtain minus points, which would be deducted from the total score obtained for correct answers.

      It is the responsibility and right of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy to set the threshold level of points required for admission with respect to the number of applicants and the capacity of the faculty.


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      Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate. Admission to Post-Bachelor studies (Master's programme) is likewise conditioned by completed education in any type of study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 01.05.2023 Until: 31.05.2023
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 01.06.2023 Until: 30.06.2023
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      EU directive 2005/36/EC
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      Tuition [EUR] / per period: 7600 EUR / year
      Note on tuition [EUR]: Nejsou poskytování slevy ze školného