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    Branch programme/details

    General Medicine (0912tA350010)

    Faculty: Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové
    Study programme: General Medicine (M0912A350010)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Master's
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students Expected number of accepted students: 105
    Standard length of study: 6 years
    Application type: Online

    Rate of admitted and total applicants in the past academic year

    260 / 573

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      Application submission date: 30.04.2023
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      The study program is designed as a six-year program without an interstage bachelor degree. This type of study has always been one of the fundamental study programs at universities since the Middle Ages. The core, obligatory subjects taught in the first years of study will help students to recognise and become familiar with the normal physiological processes in a living organism. The third-year subjects introduce the pathological processes and, in addition, help students to acquire and master basic practical skills within propedeutics of inner medicine and the basics of surgery. The subjects taught in the fourth and fifth years are focused on individual fields of clinical medicine. Finally, the subjects in the sixth study year are introduced and taught mainly as long-term practical training in the departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology , the maternity ward, and paediatrics. Additionally, the students also have similar practical training within subjects covering preventive, social and public health medicine.
      Our goal is to provide students with the necessary theoretical background and enable them in particular clinical fields to master the diagnosis of conditions and provision of the most suitable treatments to a patient. Furthermore, the students also master an appropriate approach to patients. It is necessary to attain a reasonable balance between the amount of new information from individual medical fields and basic core knowledge so that in the particularities we do not lose focus on the whole: an ill person, a patient.

      Study program without specialization.
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      Conditions for admission:

      - admitted are applicants who have the same points as on the 1. - 105. place for General Medicine study program

      Applicants who score the same number of points as the last admitted applicant, will receive the same resolution of admission.

      Method: one-round entrance exam

      Content: a written test on biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics (a multiple-choice test) and an oral interview.


      tests (biology - 25 points, chemistry - 25 points, physics or mathematics - 10 points) = 60 points
      Point Evaluation: correct answer + 1 point
      no answer 0 points
      incorrect answer 0 points

      oral interview = 40 points
      Interview: 2 parts, in each maximum 20 points; 1. part – understanding and an analysis of the provided scinetific-medical information, interpretation, decision making; 2. part – personal profile including ethical and moral aspects, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration skills

      In case of adverse epidemical situation the entrance exams (written and oral part) will take place in online form. Applicant will be informed about the form of exams in the exam invitation letter, which they will receive no later than 30 days prior to the exam itself.
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      Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate. Admission to Post-Bachelor studies (Master's programme) is likewise conditioned by completed education in any type of study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 02.04.2023 Until: 30.06.2023
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 08.06.2023 Until: 12.08.2023
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      The graduate was comprehensively educated in all fundamental theoretical and clinical fields of medicine, including the moral, ethical, and legal aspects. The graduate is prepared to provide preventive, diagnostic, curative, and palliative care to the extent stipulated in the applicable legal regulations. The graduate can also apply the acquired professional competence in scientific, research and educational activities in the field of healthcare.
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      Tuition [CZK] / per period: 350000 CZK / year