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    Branch programme/details

    Philosophy (0223VD100019)

    Faculty: Faculty of Arts
    Study programme: Philosophy (P0223D100019)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: doctoral
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students Expected number of accepted students: 5
    Standard length of study: 4 years
    Application type: Online

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      Application submission date: 30.04.2021
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      Programme offered jointly by the Faculty of Arts and the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

      The language of instruction is English. Philosophy is a fee-paying programme; the annual tuition fee is CZK 2,000.
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      Entrance examination: single round – oral interview

      Content, subject matter of entrance examination
      1. Discussion of the submitted proposal for PhD dissertation: 0–30 points
      The interview revolves around the submitted PhD research proposal, which must be consulted beforehand with the prospective supervisor. The portion of the interview that covers the topic of the PhD dissertation is conducted in a language other than English (German, French, Italian). The language is selected by the applicant during the entrance examination.
      2. Assessment of the applicant’s previous studies, research, and other academic activities: 0–15 points
      3. Assessment of the applicant’s knowledge of secondary literature: 0–15 points

      Suggested PhD topics must be consulted beforehand with the Chair of the Subject Area Board. Chair of the Subject Area Board (Programme Director): doc. James Hill, Ph.D., e-mail:


      An applicant can only be admitted if they are awarded a minimum of 30 points in the entrance examination and, at the same time, score enough points to place among the expected number of students admitted to the respective programme of study (see the Admissions Procedure Requirements applicable to the individual programmes of study); admissions will be granted to all applicants who score the same number of points as the applicant who comes in last place in the ranking of admissions. Please note that different expected numbers of admissions apply to full-time and combined forms of study. Applicants cannot be admitted without submitting evidence of their prior education no later than on the enrolment day (refer to 5.4 hereof).
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      Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 14.06.2021 Until: 16.06.2021
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 22.06.2021 Until: 22.06.2021
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      The graduate is a highly educated expert who has shown an ability to develop their knowledge in a creative way. The dissertation demonstrates an outstanding contribution in a specialisation chosen from a wide range of themes, including the history of ideas, practical and theoretical philosophy and topics in contemporary thinking. The graduate is equipped, in terms of knowledge, method and language skills, to do independent research in philosophy and social sciences. He/she can be employed as a researcher in social sciences, university teacher, editor or translator of expert publications, critic, commentator, or executive worker and analyst in state administration. The graduate has analytical and language skills applicable to a large scale of professions which need critical thinking, ranging from public agencies to private enterprises.
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      Tuition [CZK] / per period: 2000 CZK / year