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    Master in Area Studies (6702T045)

    Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
    Study programme: International Area Studies (N6702)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Master's (post-Bachelor)
    Language of instruction: English
    Standard length of study: 2 years
    Short note: Tuition fee based English-taught study programme /studium za úhradu v AJ/
    Fee for the study in English: 6000,- EUR/year
    Application type: Online, Paper

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      The MAS interdisciplinary programme offers expert knowledge and analytical-synthetic skills focused on modern history and current developments of Europe, Eurasia, and North America. The programme provides the students with tools for social science analysis and allows them to build their own thematic and territorial profile according to their individual needs and future career plans.


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      In addition to the application, the following must be provided:

      a)      Copy of a diploma to show completed Bachelor's or Master's studies, or confirmation of ongoing studies  in the academic year that those studies will be completed;

      b)      Transcript of marks and academic results from previous higher education studies;

      c)      CV

      d)      Motivation letter

      Confirmation of studies may be substituted with a transcript of marks, provided that these are from the same academic year as the application.                                             

      All documents which are not originally in Czech, Slovak or English must be accurately translated into English

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      The admissions commission will assess applicants on the basis of the documents submitted and give them a ranking from 1-10 points. The point limit for accepting applicants is set by the Dean. A pre-condition for being accepted is the completion of higher education.
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      Graduates of the Master in Area Studies Programme will be endowed with internationally recognizable multi-disciplinary training in the study of international affairs. They will be able to analyze individual topics arising within the region of their interest from a multidisciplinary point of view in terms of social sciences (sociology, economics, political science, and international relations) and modern history. Programme graduates will be able to understand current issues in their historical, societal, political, and economic context. Mastering several foreign languages, they will be capable of reflecting local debate and local perspectives on transnational issues. Thanks to a systematic focus on academic writing, graduates will be capable of producing texts of a high professional and formal quality. They will be able to deliver qualified comments on the developments of states and societies of the studied regions.

      The programme graduates will become highly-skilled employees in the civil service and diplomacy, NGOs and international institutions as well as in private companies and mass-media. They will be well prepared for a variety of academic pursuits and will possess a wide range of knowledge and skills required in various social science fields.