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    Physical Education and Sport (7401T005)

    Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
    Study programme: Physical Education and Sport (N7401)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Master's (post-Bachelor)
    Language of instruction: English
    Expected minimum number of accepted students: 2
    Standard length of study: 2 years
    Parallel in English: yes
    Fee for the study in English: 160 000,- CZK per Academic Year
    Application type: Online

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      In compliance with the standards of the European (EHEA) framework of qualifications and the Dublin learning outcomes, the graduate from the Follow-up Master Study Programme in Physical Education and Sport has gained the academic qualification and shown sound theoretical, methodological, and didactic knowledge of the study branch. The gained knowledge of the latest findings in the study branch qualifies him/her for an adequate use of the knowledge as well as for further development in pedagogical, professional, and research activities. The graduate is able to solve problems efficiently in a new or unknown environment, too. He/she is able to present outcomes of pedagogical decisions and scientific and professional activities to both the public and specialists. He/she is able to effectively associate the knowledge and competencies in a broader context as well as in the environment with incomplete or reduced information, and to apply them in compliance with social and ethical principles. The graduate can work as a sports instructor, coach, sports lecturer, organiser or manager in a sport club or organisation, in a sport facility, fitness centre, travel agency, cultural or leisure time centre, municipal or local authority, etc. He/she is also fully qualified for the job of a physical education teacher at the elementary and secondary schools and universities, and a specialist in the sport training as well. He/she has gained organisational, didactic, and methodological competencies for these jobs. The graduate is well-prepared to continue in further professional individual or institutional education.
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      The process of admission is conducted via a postal form. The Admission Committee decides on acceptance or non-acceptance without the applicant’s presence. The decision is based on the complete documents sent by the applicant, or on the results of the applicant’s discontinued studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (UK FTVS).
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      The applicant is required to send an Application Form and a Letter of Motivation together with: a/ a sport doctor’s confirmation, b/ for the Master study programme – a certificate of completed Bachelor degree in the branch of study of Physical Education and Sport (e.g. a ‘nostrification’ (Czech Republic recognition of Bachelor degree), c/ curriculum vitae and a letter(s) of recommendation for study, d/ internationally recognised certificate(s) proving the applicant’s English language skills.
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      Graduates are qualified to work independently as physical education teachers at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of educational system and at all levels of sport preparation including elite sport. With their professional, teaching, socio-psychological and organizational competencies, the graduates are allowed to draw up individual and mass exercise/sport programmes, control the process and assess the effectiveness. Their knowledge of methodology and didactics allows them to modify these programmes in practice and facilitates creative and individual applications in class, team or group leadership with distinctive approach to individuals at various levels of physical and mental development.