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    Branch programme/details

    Liberal Arts and Humanities (0288RA120001)

    Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
    Study programme: Liberal Arts and Humanities (B0288A120001)
    Form of study: full-time
    Type of study: Bachelor's
    Language of instruction: English
    Standard length of study: 3 years
    Application type: Online, Paper

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      Application submission date: 31.03.2022
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      Bachelor degree study of the Liberal Arts and Humanities is university study in humanities focused on philosophy, history, and cultural and social anthropology. The program's significant feature is a widely open study schedule that allows students pursue their individual abilities and develop their interests. The student takes mandatory courses in humanities and social sciences and passes comprehensive exams relevant to each field. While properly choosing other courses during the study, the student can gradually specialise and focus either on further (Master) study in any of the relative theoretical fields, or on the practical use of acquired skills.

      The study program is realized without specialization.
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      1) The applicant completes a homework before the deadline. The admission homework comprises of a summary of an English academic text and answers to follow-up questions based on the provided text. All parts are to be written in English only. In the summary part, applicants are asked to outline the main points of the academic text concisely. The summary should well-thought-out, have a clear structure, and it should cover all the crucial lines of thought and arguments of the text. The follow-up questions furtherly ascertain the applicant's understanding of the content of the text. The applicant can get up to 18 points for the test: 9 points for the summary and 3 points for each of the three answers.
      Dean of the faculty decides on the required number of points for admission.

      The admission homework is uploaded online. In advance, applicants receive a letter announcing the relevant dates for the homework, including access information and instructions.

      2) Enrolment requirements also include submitting a copy of the applicant’s document of high school (secondary school) education. Deadline for applicants/admitted applicants to submit a copy of their high school (secondary school) diploma is September 30, 2022. Applicants who take their final high school exams in September, as well as those who won't get a recognition of their foreign diploma till the end of September, are allowed to submit a copy of a high school diploma along with a copy of a recognition of foreign education no later than October 22, 2022.

      Applicants who graduated outside the Czech Republic are required to provide recognition of their foreign diploma. The applicant submits one of the following documents: a document proving that a foreign document concerning the obtainment of secondary education is generally recognised as equivalent or valid in the Czech Republic (the so-called "nostrification"); a European Baccalaureate diploma or a International Baccalaureate diploma; or a foreign document concerning a foreign secondary education completed with a "maturita" examination, if it is deemed automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic in accordance with its international agreements without any further administrative procedures (a "maturita school leaving certificate" from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia); or a foreign document concerning a foreign secondary education to be assessed by the Faculty (for a fee). More information on the requirement of high school diploma submission is available on the faculty website: The applicant should pay the recognition fee (together with the application fee, or later when they submit the documents to the Faculty for the purpose of recognition) when they file a request for recognition of the foreign education.
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      Admission to Bachelor's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate.

      Verification method: other form
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 14.05.2022 Until: 10.06.2022
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 13.06.2022 Until: 30.06.2022
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      CŽV 16 - Preparation Course
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      The graduate of the Liberal Arts and Humanities acquires knowledge in many disciplines of humanities (philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, anthropology and economics) and interdisciplinary, thorough practical knowledge of at least one foreign language, including the capability of professional translation, the ability of critical thinking and sophisticated speech and writing. Great emphasis is put, above all, on self-reliance and responsibility training and on individual creative work, which allows for further effective education and flexibility under the changing conditions on the labour market. The graduate acquires qualifications for a wide range of jobs, e. g. in the fields of state administration and self-government, non-profit organisations, education, research activities for various institutions or consulting in the multicultural sphere and humanities-oriented institutions. The graduate with predominantly theoretical specialisation acquires not only a solid base in general humanities, but also expertise in any of the mentioned humanities disciplines, and thus is adequately prepared for master or post degree study in humanities. The graduate with predominantly applied skills specialisation may be employed in the fields of public relations, advertisement, media etc., as they acquire knowledge of creating research projects, text editing and preparation, information processing, creating company presentations etc.
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      Tuition [EUR] / per period: 3000 EUR / year