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    Branch programme/details

    Bioethics (0223VD100017)

    Faculty: First Faculty of Medicine
    Study programme: Bioethics (P0223D100017)
    Form of study: combined
    Type of study: doctoral
    Language of instruction: English
    Standard length of study: 4 years
    Application type: Online

    • You cannot apply for study of this programme/branch now.

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      Application submission date: 30.04.2022
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      Further Information:

      According to the article 3, paragraph 1, second sentence of the Code of Admission Procedure of Charles University, this programme of study is offered without specialization.
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      The admission examination is held in the form of interview before a board and it checks the student’s capacity for scientific work in the given field and his/her capacity to complete the studies. Criteria evaluated by the board are following:
      a) Quality of the topic and project of the dissertation thesis and the way of its presentation, proposal of the supervising tutor/consultant and financial coverage of the project – max. 30 points.
      b) Previous scientific activity in this field (publications, presentation in a Student Scientific Conference, etc.) – max. 20 points.
      c) Knowledge of this field in the extent of the master study – max. 50 points.
      Required minimum score for acceptance: 60 points.
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      Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study programme.

      Verification method: entrance exam
      Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 06.06.2022 Until: 10.06.2022
      Alternative date (of entrance exam): 27.06.2022 Until: 01.07.2022
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