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Courses overview, academic year 2018/2019
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 32-#PRX N#EXT Blíže nespecifikované praxe 4
detail 32-KDM NM Department of Mathematics Education 104
detail 32-KMA NM Department of Mathematical Analysis 176
detail 32-KSVI NI Department of Software and Computer Science Education 76
detail 32-KVOF NF Laboratory of General Physics Education 144
detail 32-MUUK NM Mathematical Institute of Charles University 66
detail 32-KAM NI Department of Applied Mathematics 80
detail 32-UIAV NAV Ústav informatiky AV ČR, v.v.i. 1
detail 32-KDF NF Department of Physics Education 175
detail 32-KFPP NF Department of Surface and Plasma Science 99
detail 32-KMF NF Department of Macromolecular Physics 78
detail 32-KNM NM Department of Numerical Mathematics 52
detail 32-SISAL NI Network and Labs Management Center 12
detail 32-UCJF NF Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics 113
detail 32-KDSS NI Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems 42
detail 32-KFKL NF Department of Condensed Matter Physics 136
detail 32-KFNT NF Department of Low Temperature Physics 50
detail 32-KSI NI Department of Software Engineering 69
detail 32-UTIAAV NAV Ústav teorie informace a automatizace AV ČR, v.v.i. 2
detail 32-AUUK NF Astronomical Institute of Charles University 36
detail 32-KCHFO NF Department of Chemical Physics and Optics 156
detail 32-KFM NF Department of Physics of Materials 51
detail 32-UFAL NI Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics 59
detail 32-KA NM Department of Algebra 126
detail 32-KFA NF Department of Atmospheric Physics 90
detail 32-KPMS NM Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 151
detail 32-UTF NF Institute of Theoretical Physics 69
detail 32-IUUK NI Computer Science Institute of Charles University 34
detail 32-KG NF Department of Geophysics 87
detail 32-KJP N5 Department of Language Education 73
detail 32-KTIML NI Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic 107
detail 32-KTV N5 Department of Physical Education 9
detail 32-MUAV NAV Institute of Mathematics CAS 19
detail 32-FUUK NF Institute of Physics of Charles University 102
detail 32-STUD ND Student Affairs Department 78
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