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Courses overview, academic year 2018/2019
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 24-DHS Y16 PhD. - Historical Sociology 20
detail 24-DSPSP Y16 Ph.D.- Social Work 9
detail 24-EKDD Y11 European Cultural and Intellectual History 32
detail 24-HS Y11 Department of Historical Sociology 117
detail 24-KSOS Y11 Department of Civil Society Studies 70
detail 24-SM Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Social Sciences Module 117
detail 24-KSKE Y11 Department of Social and Cultural Ecology 72
detail 24-DAE Y16 PhD. - Applied Ethics 21
detail 24-KRS Y11 Department of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Care Organisations 88
detail 24-CR Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Creative Module 59
detail 24-DSFK Y16 PhD. - Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication 11
detail 24-DSOS Y16 PhD. - Civil Society Studies 10
detail 24-KEKS Y11 Department of Electronic Culture and Semiotics 62
detail 24-DES Y16 PhD. - Environmental Studies 16
detail 24-DFP Y11 Department of German and French Philosophy 66
detail 24-DIC Y16 PhD. - General Anthropology 26
detail 24-KOA Y11 Department of General Anthropology 73
detail 24-SHVAJ Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities 97
detail 24-DAN Y16 PhD. - Anthropology 8
detail 24-DSD Y16 Ph.D. - Longevity Studies 8
detail 24-KOHSD Y11 Oral History - Contemporary History 65
detail 24-QM Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Qualified Skills Module 62
detail 24-RZS Y12 International Office 1
detail 24-AJ EXT Y10 UPCES, CET Courses 45
detail 24-DSED Y16 PhD - Contemporary European History 39
detail 24-FM Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Philosophical Module 87
detail 24-SBS Y12 Bachelor's Study Department 2
detail 24-DNFF Y16 PhD. - German and French Philosophy 26
detail 24-HM Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Historical Module 54
detail 24-KGS Y11 Department of Gender Studies 56
detail 24-KO Y10 Liberal Arts and Humanities - Communicative Module 81
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