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Courses overview, academic year 2017/2018
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 23-CERGE J23-CERGE CERGE 44
detail 23-IES J23-IES Institute of Economic Studies 147
detail 23-IMS J23-IMS Institute of International Studies 17
detail 23-KJP J23-KJP The Department of Foreign Languages 56
detail 23-KBS J23-IPS Department of Security Studies 51
detail 23-KZS J23-IMS Department of European Studies 118
detail 23-KMKPR J23-IKSŽ Department of Marketing Communication and Public Relations 65
detail 23-KMS J23-IKSŽ Department of Media Studies 150
detail 23-KMV J23-IPS Department of International Relations 98
detail 23-KNRS J23-IMS Department of German and Austrian Studies 218
detail 23-KP J23-IPS Department of Political Science 181
detail 23-KRVS J23-IMS Department of Russian and East European Studies 279
detail 23-KAS J23-IMS Department of North American Studies 99
detail 23-KS J23-ISS Department of Sociology 149
detail 23-KVSP J23-ISS Department of Public and Social Policy 99
detail 23-KZ J23-IKSŽ Department of Journalism 163
detail 23-N JX neurčeno 5
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