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Courses overview, academic year 2022/2023
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 22-CPD HC Centre for Lawyering Skills 85
detail 22-UPA HU Institute of Copyright, Industrial Property and Competition Law 11
detail 22-KMP HK Department of Public International Law 70
detail 22-KPD HK Department of Legal History 92
detail 22-KPZP HK Department of Environmental Law 40
detail 22-CPK HC Centre for Comparative Legal Studies 4
detail 22-KEP HK Department of European Law 35
detail 22-KOBCHP HK Department of Business Law 63
detail 22-ZO HO Department of International Relations 33
detail 22-CMRS HC Center for alternative dispute resolution 29
detail 22-KFP HK Department of Financial Law and Finances 42
detail 22-CZP HC Centre for Medical Law 16
detail 22-KNH HK Department of Economics 64
detail 22-KPP HK Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law 62
detail 22-KPS HK Department of Politology and Sociology 64
detail 22-KSP HK Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Science 58
detail 22-KJ HK Department of Foreign Languages 157
detail 22-KTP HK Department of Criminal Law 66
detail 22-KTV HK Department of Physical Education 10
detail 22-KUP HK Department of Constitutional Law 47
detail 22-SO HO Study and Students' Affairs Department 16
detail 22-KOP HK Department of Civil Law 62
detail 22-KTPPU HK Department of Legal Theory and Legal Doctrines 46
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