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Courses overview, academic year 2019/2020
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 21-DEK AX Deans Office 898
detail 21-KLOG ALG Department of Logic 70
detail 21-SIAS AFG Centre for Ibero-American Studies 95
detail 21-UCJTK AFG Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication 192
detail 21-UCNK AX Institute of the Czech National Corpus 27
detail 21-UHSD AHS Institute of Economic and Social History 254
detail 21-UISK AIS Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship 116
detail 21-UPRAV AHS Institute of Archaeology 149
detail 21-USD AHS Institute of General History 289
detail 21-USJ AFG Institute of Comparative Linguistics 17
detail 21-UVES AFG Institute of East European Studies 291
detail 21-ZO AX International Office 440
detail 21-KSES AFG Department of Central European Studies 177
detail 21-UCD AHS Institute of Czech History 498
detail 21-ULING AFG Institute of Linguistics 83
detail 21-UPOL APO Institute of Political Science 131
detail 21-UTRL APT Institute of Translation Studies 429
detail 21-CKOM AFG Centrum komparatistiky 3
detail 21-JCI ASZ Language Centre - Italian 5
detail 21-JCS ASZ Language Centre - Spanish 13
detail 21-KJBS AFG Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies 252
detail 21-KSOCP ASP Department of Social Work 111
detail 21-UAA AAA Ústav anglistiky a amerikanistiky 22
detail 21-UAJD AAA Department of the English Language and ELT Methodology 143
detail 21-UCLK AFG Department of Czech and Comparative Literature 226
detail 21-UJKN AFG Institut of Deaf Studies 126
detail 21-UKAR AHS Institute for Classical Archeology 81
detail 21-URS AFG Institute of Romance Studies 433
detail 21-UTKL AFG Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics 35
detail 21-VOSIS AIS Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship - VOŠIS 1
detail 21-KDV AUK Departement of Theatre Studies 89
detail 21-KSOC ASG Department of Sociology 180
detail 21-UALK AAA Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures 226
detail 21-UFAR AFS Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies 196
detail 21-UISKNM AIS Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship - New Media Studies 37
detail 21-URLS AFG Institute for Greek and Latin Studies 255
detail 21-FU AFG Institute of Phonetics 174
detail 21-JCA ASZ Language Centre - English 25
detail 21-JCF ASZ Language Centre - French 12
detail 21-KBV AFG Department of Middle Eastern Studies 145
detail 21-KEST AUK Department of Aestetics 67
detail 21-KPED APD Department of Education 317
detail 21-KTV ASZ Department of Physical Education 51
detail 21-KFS AUK Film Studies Department 90
detail 21-JCL ASZ Language Centre - Latin 14
detail 21-KANPR APD Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management 83
detail 21-KPS APS Department of Psychology 258
detail 21-KPVHAS AHS Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies 148
detail 21-UAS AFG Institute of Asian Studies 148
detail 21-UDU AUK Institute of Art History 196
detail 21-UETN AHS Institute of Ethnology 125
detail 21-CEGU AHS Czech Institute of Egyptology 61
detail 21-JCN ASZ Language Centre - German 21
detail 21-JCR ASZ Language Centre - Russian 11
detail 21-KSI AFG Department of Sinology 241
detail 21-UBS AFG Institute of Czech Studies 147
detail 21-UGS AFG Institute of Germanic Studies 430
detail 21-UHV AUK Institute of Musicology 108
detail 21-USVS AFG Institute of Slavonic and East European Studies 2
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