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Courses overview, academic year 2019/2020
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 12-KDCH CKCHO Department of Child Surgery and Traumatology of TH and 3.FM 1
detail 12-KDD CX Deparment of Children and Adolescents 12
detail 12-ORL CX Department of Otorhinolaryngology 13
detail 12-STOM CX Department of Stomatology 27
detail 12-UFYP CX Department of Pathophysiology 17
detail 12-ULD CKBO Department of Laboratory Diagnostic 18
detail 12-UPMD CKGP Department of Mother and Child Care in Prague Podoli 10
detail 12-URO CKCHO Department of Urology 7
detail 12-VNORL CX Department of Otorinolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery of the CMH and 3FM 1
detail 12-HYG CKPL Department of Hygiene 59
detail 12-PATO CX Department of Pathology 10
detail 12-PCHO CMNV Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology - Division Medical Psychology 16
detail 12-RADK CX Deparment of Radiodiagnostics 9
detail 12-ULBI CX Department of Medical Biophysics and Informatics 14
detail 12-UTVY CX Department of Physical Education 60
detail 12-2INK CKIO 2nd Department of Internal Medicine 17
detail 12-3INK CKIO 3rd Department of Internal Medicine - Cardiology 9
detail 12-BIOC CKBO Department of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology 22
detail 12-DEJL CX Division of History of Medicine 3
detail 12-GEN CKBO Department of General Biology and Genetics 12
detail 12-NEUCH CKCHO Department of Neurosurgery 3
detail 12-OFTK CX Department of Ophtalmology 4
detail 12-POP CKCHO Department of Burns Medicine 3
detail 12-UET CX Department of Ethics and Humanities 26
detail 12-KARD CKCHO Department of Cardiac Surgery 1
detail 12-KPL CX Katedra preventivního lékařství 9
detail 12-PRAC CKPL Department of Occupational and Travel Health 23
detail 12-ANAT CX Department of Anatomy 34
detail 12-GYN CKGP Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 11
detail 12-HIST CKBO Department of Histology and Embryology 5
detail 12-IMUN CKBO Department of Immunology 10
detail 12-NEUR CMNV Department of Neurology 7
detail 12-OAVV CX Dean´s Office - Science and Research Administration Division 5
detail 12-PCHI CMNV Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology - Department of Psychiatry 17
detail 12-UOS CX Department of nursing 109
detail 12-1INK CKIO 1st Department of Internal Medicine 13
detail 12-CHIR CKCHO Department of General Surgery 17
detail 12-INF CKIO Department of Infectious Diseases 9
detail 12-KNL CEXT Centrum PATOS KNL, a.s.(Kraj. nem. Liberec) 2
detail 12-USOL CX Department of Forensic Medicine 2
detail 12-DERM CX Department of Dermatovenerology 9
detail 12-FARM CX Department of Pharmacology 11
detail 12-IHK CKIO Department of internal haematology 3
detail 12-IKEM CEXT IKEM 3
detail 12-STUD CX Dean's Office - Study Division 71
detail 12-ARO CKCHO Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation 63
detail 12-EPID CKPL Department of Epidemiology and biostatistics 21
detail 12-KVZ CX Division of Public Health 24
detail 12-NUKM CX Department of Nuclear Medicine 9
detail 12-ORTO CKCHO Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 13
detail 12-PLAS CKCHO Department of Plastic Surgery 3
detail 12-PNEU CKIO Department of Pneumology 5
detail 12-REHA CX Department of Rehabilitation Medicine 43
detail 12-UCJA CX Department of Foreign Language 26
detail 12-UFYN CX Department of Physiology 17
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