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Teachers, academic year 2016/2017
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PhDr. Mgr. Zuzana Havránková, Ph.D.
Office: Opletalova
Additional information:
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Department: Institute of Economic Studies (23-IES)
Tutorial: By appointment
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detailJEM169Master's Thesis Seminar for CFS Iwinterwinter s.:0/2 C [HT]23-IESFSV
detailJEM170Master's Thesis Seminar for CFS IIsummersummer s.:0/2 C [HT]23-IESFSV
detailJEM001Master's Thesis Seminar Iboth 0/2 C [HT]23-IESFSV
detailJEM002Master's Thesis Seminar IIboth 0/2 C [HT]23-IESFSV
detailJED511Teaching Assistantship (Full) Aboth 2/0 Ex [HT]23-IESFSV
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