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Teachers, academic year 2016/2017
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Mgr. Petra Ezzeddine, Ph.D.
Address: U kříže 8, Praha 5
Office: FHS
Additional information:
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Department of General Anthropology (24-KOA)
Tutorial: ve zkouškovém období po předchozí domluvě mailem
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detailYMA294Anthropological Seminarsummersummer s.:0/2 Ex [HT]24-KOAFHS
detailYMA009The Anthropology of Migration and Transnationalismwinterwinter s.:0/2 MC [HT]24-KOAFHS
detailYMA07VSA0Antropology of Migration and Transnationalism - Seminarwinterwinter s.:0/2 MC [HT]24-KOAFHS
detailYMA325Anthropology in Actionsummersummer s.:2/0 MC [HT]24-KOAFHS
detailYMG113Thesis Preparation II.both 0/2 Ex [HT]24-KGSFHS
detailYMG114Thesis Preparation III.both 0/4 Ex [HT]24-KGSFHS
detailYMA004Thesis Preparation for Social and Cultural Anthropologyboth 0/2 MC [HT]24-KOAFHS
detailYBQNS01Guided Reading - Scheper - Hughes - Death without Weepingboth 0/1 MC [HT]24-QMFHS
detailYMG156Reflecting Gender in Migrationwinterwinter s.:0/2 MC [HT]24-KGSFHS
detailYM4A1A13Theories and Methods in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropologyboth 0/0 STEX [HT]24-KOAFHS
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