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Teachers, academic year 2018/2019
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Mgr. Anna Fučíková, Ph.D.
Office: M -174, 1. suterén, Ke Karlovu 3, Ke Karlovu 2027/
Phone: 951551606
Additional information:
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Department: Department of Chemical Physics and Optics (32-KCHFO)
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detail NFOE021 Exercises in Physics both 0/2 C [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NFOE024 Further Exercises in Physics winter winter s.:0/2 C [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NFOE018 Further Chapters on Physics for Biologists winter winter s.:4/0 Ex [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NFPL124 Experimental methods of condensed matter physics III winter winter s.:2/2 Ex [HT] 32-KFKL MFF
detail NFOE016 Physics in Biology both 0/2 C [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NAFY035 Physical methods and techniques in biomedicine II summer summer s.:4/2 C+Ex [HT] 32-KFKL MFF
detail NBCM150 Physical observation of nano-objects both 2/1 C+Ex [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NBCM149 Nanotechnology in biology both 2/0 C [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NFPL500 Practical application of atomic force microscopy summer summer s.:0/2 C [HT] 32-KFKL MFF
detail NBCM103 Practical Course in Experimental Methods of Biophysics and Chemical Physics II summer summer s.:0/5 MC [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NBCM107 Practical Course in Chemistry summer summer s.:0/3 MC [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
detail NAFY080 Preparation of Biological Samples summer summer s.:2/0 Ex [HT] 32-KFKL MFF
detail NFOE017 Selected Topics on Physics both 4/0 Ex [HT] 32-KCHFO MFF
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