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Teachers, academic year 2019/2020
Ing. Miroslav Čábelka
Address: Albertov 6, Praha 2
Office: Katedra apl. geoinformatiky a kartografie, PřF, UK
Phone: 221951406
Additional information:
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography (31-370)
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detail MZ370P15 History of Cartography summer summer s.:2/0 C [HT] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ370P49 Distribution of Spatial Data winter winter s.:1/2 C+Ex [HT] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ370P16 Global position system summer summer s.:1/2 C [HT] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ370P54 History of Cartography winter winter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ370P22 Seminar of Geoinformatics summer summer s.:0/2 C [HT] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ350T08 Cartography field courses summer summer s.:0/1 C [TS] 31-370 PřF
detail MZ370P38 Web Design winter winter s.:0/2 C [HT] 31-370 PřF
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