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Teachers, academic year 2022/2023
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prof. PhDr. Eliška Walterová, CSc.
Additional information:
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Department: Ústav výzkumu a rozvoje vzdělávání (41-UVRV)
: 221900530
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detail OIDQ1P106 Comparative Education both 0/0, Ex [HT] 41-KPG PedF no
detail OD0133003 Comparative Education both 32/0, other [HS] 41-UVRV PedF no
detail OPDQ1P113B Comparative Education both 0/0, other [HT] 41-KPG PedF no
detail OD0133004 Higher Education pedagogy both 20/0, Ex [HS] 41-UVRV PedF no
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