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HISTORICAL SOCIOLOGY 2023 (AJ) (valid since 2023)

YMH501Historical Comparative Sociology [WS schedule]winter2/0ExHT26H6doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt, CSc.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH502Reading in Historical Comparative Sociology [WS schedule]winter0/2CHT26H2Mgr. Marek Německý, Ph.D., Adam Coman, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH503Historical Sociology of Knowledge, Culture, and Religion [WS schedule]winter2/0ExHT26H4prof. Miloš Havelka, CSc., Adam Coman, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH504Methodology of Historical Science [WS schedule]winter0/2CHT26H2Mgr. Alena Marková, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH551Quantitative Reseach Methodology [WS schedule]winter2/0ExHT5PhDr. Stanislav Hampl24-HSFHEnglish
YMH549Milestones of European historical development in historical and sociological context [WS schedule]winter2/0ExHT26H4doc. JUDr. PhDr. Jan Štemberk, Ph.D., Mgr. Alena Marková, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH552Qualitative Research Methodology [WS schedule]winter2/0ExHT5doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt, CSc., Lucy Elizabeth Císař Brown24-HSFHEnglish
YMH5033Science and Scientific Knowledge from the Perspective of Historical Sociology [WS schedule]winter0/2CHT26H2Michael Voříšek24-HSFHEnglish
YMH558Game Theory for Social Scientists [WS schedule]winter0/2MCHT4Ing. Petr Špecián, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH537Discourse Analysis [SS schedule]summer2/0ExHT26H4Adam Coman, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH539Procedures and Methods of Historical Research [SS schedule]summer0/2CHT26H2Mgr. Alena Marková, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH511Historical Sociology of Politics [SS schedule]summer2/0ExHT26H4Mgr. Marek Německý, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH509The Formation of the Nation within the Process of European Modernization [SS schedule]summer2/0ExHT26H4Mgr. Alena Marková, Ph.D.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH513The Quotidian from the Perspective of Historical Social Sciences [SS schedule]summer2/0ExHT26H4doc. PhDr. Bohuslav Šalanda, CSc., Lucy Elizabeth Císař Brown24-HSFHEnglish
YMH550Visual methods in historical sociology [SS schedule]summer0/2CHT26H2doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt, CSc.24-HSFHEnglish
YMH553Quantitative Data Analysis [SS schedule]summer0/2ExHS26H4doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt, CSc., PhDr. Stanislav Hampl24-HSFHEnglish

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Final exams
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YMH601 Thesis Defence
YMH610 Specialized Part of Final State Exam
YMH603 Historical-Sociological Research and Methods of Data Analysis
YMH602 Theoretical Concepts of Historical Sociology
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