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Course, academic year 2023/2024
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Mathematical Modeling Elective 2 - NMMO499 (Introduction to the Phenomenology of Superfluid Helium 4)
Title: Výběrová přednáška Matematické modelování 2
Guaranteed by: Mathematical Institute of Charles University (32-MUUK)
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Actual: from 2023
Semester: summer
E-Credits: 3
Hours per week, examination: summer s.:2/0, Ex [HT]
Capacity: unlimited
Min. number of students: unlimited
4EU+: no
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Additional information:
Note: you can enroll for the course repeatedly
Guarantor: Nadine Suzan Cetin, Ph.D.
Class: M Mgr. MA > Volitelné
M Mgr. MOD
M Mgr. MOD > Volitelné
M Mgr. NVM > Volitelné
Classification: Mathematics > Differential Equations, Potential Theory, Mathematical Modeling in Physics
Annotation -
Last update: G_M (28.05.2013)
Non-repeated universal elective course.
Course completion requirements -
Last update: Mgr. Dalibor Šmíd, Ph.D. (17.06.2019)

Format of the exam depends on the details of the course in a given year.

Literature -
Last update: Mgr. Dalibor Šmíd, Ph.D. (04.12.2023)


1) "Statistical Physics", 3rd Edition Part 1, L.D. Landau and E.M.

Lifschitz, Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 5

2)"Theorie der Wärme", Richard Becker,2nd edition, Springer-Verlag 1985

3)" Grundzüge der Thermodynamik", I. Müller, Springer-Verlag Berlin 1999

4) „An introduction to the theory of Superfluidity”, I.M. Khalatnikov,

Westview Press (Perseus Book Group), 2000

5) “The theory of Quantum Liquids, Vol. II: Superfluid Bose Liquids”, P.

Nozieres and D. Pines, CRC Press 2018

Syllabus -
Last update: Mgr. Dalibor Šmíd, Ph.D. (04.12.2023)

This course aims at giving an introduction the quantum liquid Helium 4.

After a recap of Thermodynamics and ideal Quantum gases, first, the well

verified experimental phenomena which are shown by superfluid Helium4

are presented. Then the Tisza-Landau two-fluid models and related

generalizations will be discussed. Depending on how much time there will

be, we will also discuss more recent results of Quantum Turbulence (HVBK

equations, Vortex Filament Method) and the degenerated Bose Gas.

Entry requirements -
Last update: Mgr. Dalibor Šmíd, Ph.D. (04.12.2023)

Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics on the undergraduate level.

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