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Course, academic year 2022/2023
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English for Ph.D. Students - examination - NDZK001
Title: Angličtina pro doktorské studium - zkouška
Guaranteed by: Department of Language Education (32-KJP)
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Actual: from 2022
Semester: both
E-Credits: 0
Hours per week, examination: 0/0, Ex [HT]
Capacity: unlimited
Min. number of students: unlimited
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Additional information:
Note: enabled for web enrollment
no points awarded for fulfilment
you can enroll for the course in winter and in summer semester
Guarantor: Mgr. Zuzana Hořká
Classification: Teaching > English
Annotation -
Last update: Mgr. Zuzana Hořká (23.04.2018)
The compulsory final departmental English exam in doctoral studies comprehensively tests the language competence of the applicant. The examination tests general knowledge of the English language at an advanced level, as well as the ability to read, summarise and discuss professional texts in the applicant's specialisation.
Literature -
Last update: Mgr. Zuzana Hořká (11.10.2017)

Jan Bell, Roger Gower: Advanced Expert, Coursebook; Pearson 2014

Requirements to the exam
Last update: Mgr. Zuzana Hořká (23.04.2018)

For the actual exam students must prepare:

  • 200 pages of a specialized text from their field of study
  • 30 pages of original work (the student's own professional publications, articles, papers, bachelor/master thesis, etc.) In the case of co-authorship, the number of pages must be increased proportionally with regard to the number of authors.
  • Curriculum Vitae (1-2 pages)

Students are asked to bring all required materials to the oral part of the examination. Students are NOT permitted to bring electronic materials (books on laptops, tablets or smartphones). Only original books or hard copies will be accepted by the examiner.

Syllabus -
Last update: Mgr. Zuzana Hořká (14.04.2020)

The exam consists of a written part followed by an oral part. Should a student fail the written part, the whole exam is marked as failed and the student shall not sit for the oral part. If the student passes the written part but fails the oral part, then they would have to repeat both written and oral parts of the exam. The overall result is based on an evaluation of both written and oral parts of the exam.

Written part:

Test of grammar and vocabulary (Use of English) and listening comprehension

A minimum of 70 % of the maximum score is required to pass the written part

Oral part:

Brief summary of prepared texts (30 pages), explanation of selected specialized terms, discussion related to topics raised in the specialized text and the applicant's own work, as well as various common conversational topics

Linguistic accuracy and fluency will be assessed

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