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Course, academic year 2023/2024
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Politics and International Relations - JTM006
Title: Politika a mezinárodní vztahy
Guaranteed by: Department of Russian and East European Studies (23-KRVS)
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Actual: from 2021
Semester: winter
E-Credits: 6
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:1/1, Ex [HT]
Capacity: 135 / 106 (80)
Min. number of students: unlimited
4EU+: no
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
State of the course: taught
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
priority enrollment if the course is part of the study plan
Guarantor: prof. PhDr. Michal Kubát, Ph.D.
prof. Mgr. Tomáš Weiss, M.A., Ph.D.
prof. JUDr. PhDr. Ivo Šlosarčík, Ph.D., LL.M.
Teacher(s): doc. JUDr. Vladimír Handl, CSc.
PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D.
PhDr. Jiří Kocián, Ph.D.
prof. PhDr. Michal Kubát, Ph.D.
PhDr. Martin Mejstřík
prof. JUDr. PhDr. Ivo Šlosarčík, Ph.D., LL.M.
Mgr. Eliška Ullrichová, Ph.D.
prof. Mgr. Tomáš Weiss, M.A., Ph.D.
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download JTM006 - Sylabus 2023_specializace SAS final.pdf PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D.
Annotation -
Last update: prof. Mgr. Tomáš Weiss, M.A., Ph.D. (18.09.2022)
The course will introduce key concepts that constitute the core of today's debates on governance. It focuses on several selected concepts closely related to the current debates in the programme's territories. The territorial variations and implications of these concepts are further discussed in the accompanying seminars.
Course completion requirements -
Last update: prof. Mgr. Tomáš Weiss, M.A., Ph.D. (18.09.2022)

Compulsory participation in the seminars (10 points)

Final test based on the compulsory reading to the lectures (40 points; to pass the course you need at least 20 points)

Essay submitted in the seminar (50 points). You need at least 25 points to pass the course. The evaluation of the essays will be guided by the following criteria: understanding the topic (10pts), argumentation (20pts), conclusions (10pts), language and style (5pts), academic standards and sources (5pts); recommended length of the essay is 10 standard pages, closer specification will be provided by the seminar tutor.


A: 100-91 pts

B: 90-81 pts

C: 80-71 pts

D: 70-61 pts

E: 60-51 pts

F: 50 pts and less

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