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Course, academic year 2023/2024
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English for Marketing I - JLB045
Title: Angličtina pro marketing I
Guaranteed by: The Language Centre (23-KJP)
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Actual: from 2023
Semester: winter
E-Credits: 3
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:0/2, C [HT]
Capacity: unknown / 72 (80)
Min. number of students: unlimited
4EU+: no
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
priority enrollment if the course is part of the study plan
Guarantor: Mgr. Iva Stružková
Teacher(s): Mgr. Iva Stružková
Class: Courses for incoming students
Is pre-requisite for: JLB046
In complex incompatibility with: JLB053
Annotation -
This is the first of a two part course in advanced English communication. It is designed for non-native speakers who would like opportunities to study and discuss issues and ideas associated with business and marketing. A prerequisite for this course is a required minimum knowledge of upper-intermediate level (B2) so that students are able to read articles on business and marketing from the internet and professional journals. The objective of this course is for students to expand their vocabulary in terms of business and marketing collocations, to improve their communication and academic skills. Students will need the specific language when attending lectures in English, while reading professional journals and books that have not been translated into Czech and last but not least in discussions and discourses when expressing their opinions on particular marketing-related topics. Students will gradually learn the language of discussions and negotiations. "You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cannot get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere." (Lee Iacocca)
Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (04.09.2023)
Aim of the course -

The objective of this course is to bridge the gap between general secondary school English and the needs of a university student. After the course students should be able to follow business and marketing texts and lectures in English with ease, to discuss related topics in English and to do an internship abroad in an English speaking country.

Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (04.09.2023)
Literature -

Povinná literatura:

Farrall Cate, Lindsley Marianne: Professional English in Use, Marketing, Cambridge University Press, 2008

Recommended literature: 
Duckworth Michael, Turner Rebecca: Business Result upper-intermediate, Oxford University Press, 2008 (Units 1-10)

Raymond Murphy: English Grammar in Use, Cambridge University Press

Paterson K,, Wedge R. : Oxford Grammar for EAP, Oxford University Press 2013

Internet resources: 

Grammar and vocabulary:


A brief self-study guidebook:

Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (06.09.2021)
Teaching methods -

Various approaches will be used. Students will get acquainted with the specific vocabulary and its content on the basis of the texts, case studies and projects. 
Emphasis will be placed on communication skills and active use of English. The main methods used will be pair work, group work, and sometimes individual work. According to the needs of the students, some exercises from English Grammar in Use may be added to the syllabus.
Students are expected to do the assigned homework to prepare for sessions and to participate actively in classroom activities and discussions.

Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (05.09.2021)
Requirements to the exam -

Students must attend 7 seminars in the winter term and submit homework from those seminars on a regular basis. Students who obtained CPE certificate are CAE A, B certificate or Scio 90´+ are eligible for self-study. In case a student is interested in this option, they must contact the teacher  by 20th October and sign-up for a presentation in one seminar. They also need to fulfill all requirements specified in self-study file (available in SIS). Self study students do not take partial tests (mid term and end term), they must pass a complex test during the exam period instead.  Pass level for this test is 70%.

Students must pass two written tests (pass level 65%) during the winter term. The tests will consist of "multiple choice", "gap filling", "word formation", "matching", "explanation" and "word/statement definition" exercises. There is only one trial. There is a sample test in SIS.Students are required to pass the test to be able to enroll in the spring course. If a student has not fulfilled the conditions described above, he or she will have to take a complex test (pass level: 70%,  in the examination period. In that case there are 2 trials. There are no dictionaries allowed.

Honesty: students who are caught cheating during the test will be disqualified and will have to try again in compliance with the above conditions.

Test 1 (mid-term test): based on lessons 1-5 in the syllabus. 

Test 2  (end –term test): based on lessons 6-10 in the syllabus. 


Students should prepare a short presentation  (2-3 min) on a chosen personality,  an interesting book  or  an event from their study field. The students have to deliver this presentation during the seminar. Sign up details will be provided in the initial seminar.


Students must submit a cover letter for a chosen position in marketing field or a motivation letter for a student exchange study programme. Required length  is 200-300 words. 

The deadline for submissions is 30.11.2023



Student should prepare a short presentation  (2-3 min) on a chosen personality or a book from their study field. The students have to deliver this pressentation during the seminar. Sign up  details will be provided in the initial seminar.

In case a student fails to submit the above mentioned assignments  or fulfill required attendance, they will not be allowed to take the credit test.  In case a student can not attend the classes on a regular basis,  they must contact the teacher in order to be assigned extra work to replace missed classes.

Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (26.09.2023)
Syllabus -


The order of topics may be slightly modified.

1             Course introduction.

2             The marketing mix 1,2.

3             SWOT analysis; Marketing plan and strategy

4             Marketing ethics . The market environment.

5             Product and service types. Product life cycles. Selling products and services.

6             New product development 1,2. Summary and paraphrasing.

7             Midterm test ; Market segmentation

8             Research 1  and 2

9             Branding 1, 2. Brand Values.

10           Customer needs. Loyalty programmes. Customer relationship management.

11           The marketing budget. Price.

The materials provided to students and used during the course are exclusively for the purpose of study for registered members of the course English for Marketing 1. They are not intended for wider distribution. Any wider distribution of these course materials is permitted only with the express consent of the course providers, and in the absence of such consent is forbidden.

Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (04.09.2023)
Entry requirements -

The required level of English is  B2 (upper-intermediate). Students with Scio test score lower than 70 may be given a placement test and they are recommended to consider a preparatory course English for Social Sciences. 


Last update: Stružková Iva, Mgr. (04.09.2023)
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