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Course, academic year 2018/2019
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Selected Topics in Medical Physiology - EAV080X01
Title in English: Selected Topics in Medical Physiology
Guaranteed by: Ústav fyziologie (14-80)
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Actual: from 2018
Semester: winter
Points: 2
E-Credits: 2
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:4/0 C [hours/semester]
Extent per academic year: 4 [hours]
Capacity: unlimited / unknown (80)
Min. number of students: 5
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
Guarantor: prof. MUDr. Milan Štengl, Ph.D.
Teacher(s): prof. MUDr. Milan Štengl, Ph.D.
Comes under: Volitelné předměty, 2. ročník AVSEOB
Volitelné předměty, 2. ročník AZUB. L.
Volitelné předměty, 3. ročník AVSEOB
Volitelné předměty, 3. ročník AZUB.L.
Volitelné předměty, 4. ročník AVSEOB
Volitelné předměty, 5. ročník AVSEOB
Incompatibility : EA0103080, EV080X01
Interchangeability : EA0103080, EV080X01
Annotation -
Last update: Ing. Lenka Křikavová (23.05.2018)
The subject will deepen the understanding in some special areas of Medical Physiology, especially those related
to the current research activities of Dept. of Physiology. Special emphasis will be given to cardiovascular
physiology, the autonomic regulation of cardiovascular systém, mitochondrial physiology and molecular biology in
physiological research.The subject will consist of 4 hours of lectures/seminars that will be focused on current
progress in the areas mentioned above. The credits (2) will be granted based on the attendance.
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